Tuesday, February 19, 2008

~Our Valentines Goodies~

~Phillip was out of town on Valentine's Day, so the girls and I did school work all day, and then in the evening we started making goodies for when Daddy came home the next day. Kimberly really wanted to make heart shaped sugar cookies so that they could decorate them, so I mixed up that dough while they were finishing their schoolwork that evening. They had fun decorating these and they turned out cute.~
~These are Sarah's heart shaped cookies that she decorated.~

~My Phillip LOVES Buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in choc.). Since I don't have a candy Thermometer here and haven't seen any for sale, I was happy to find a yummy recipe for Buckeyes in my new Hobe Sound Woman of Worth cookbook that doesn't use a candy thermometer. So, I mixed these up for Phillip and our family. After he got home we ate them, and loved them. Since the recipe makes quite a few, we passed out some to the people in one of our churches on Sunday night, for we didn't need all of that sugar. =) Our girls made us some really nice cards, and a nice potholder. We got Daddy a couple small gifts, and while he was gone he bought me 3 pair of shoes that I was really wanting! After searching for 2 years and in 4 different COUNTRIES for a certain pair of shoes....I finally found them, and for a cheap price. So, my DEAR Phillip bought me 3 different colors in that shoe. YEA!~
~Phillip got home on Friday morning, and we had a nice relaxing day together, celebrating Valentine's day a day late. Our girls' violin teacher, Adriana, came in the evening for a lesson, so we invited her to stay and eat supper with us. We had a great visit with her. She is a lonely lady, and LOVES to be with our family. She has a nice husband, but LONG STORY REALLY SHORT her only daughter has chosen to live with her Grandmother far away. (Her evil Grandmother has convinced her to live with her because she is jealous of Adriana.) Thus, Poor Adriana is soooo LONELY and SAD, so she loves to visit with our family and our kids.
We had a yummy supper and a nice visit together and Adriana was here for 4 hours.~
~This is a new cake recipe that I made for Phillip. It is a "from scratch" 2 layer choc. cake, with a yummy cream cheese (with a tad of almond flavor) frosting, and cherry pie filling. I was supposed to use 2 heart shaped pans, but didn't have those, so arranged the Cherry pie filling in a heart shape on top of the cake. Phillip isn't really a cake eater, unless it is really moist...and this one was. It was delicious and we all loved it. It came from the back page of Feb./March 2005 Taste of Home magazine. If your are interested in me posting the recipe, let me know.~

We had a good Sunday. Last Sunday (a week ago) we asked our taxi driver to please come and pick us up this Sunday in front of our home, to save me from walking. (I'm getting soooo big with this baby, that I'm having a hard time walking.) We didn't really expect to see the taxi driver, for most people here promise that they will do something, and then don't follow through. But...THANK THE LORD, at 8:30 AM that taxi driver was out in front of our house and took us to church, what a blessing. (We've asked him to be here next Sunday too!) God gave us a good service Sunday morning. Please continue to pray for that young man that I requested prayer for last week. His hands and feet are swelling up now, and no one knows what is wrong with him. He hopes to get all of his paperwork together so he can go to the hospital soon. (THAT'S SOCIALIZED MEDICINE FOR YOU!!!) Thanks for praying! And then we took a couple buses home after church, which saved me having to walk the mile home from our normal bus stop.
We had a yummy Sunday dinner, and Phillip and the kids left for our evening service and baby and I took our normal Sunday afternoon LONG nap! ...I was sooo tired that I didn't even hear Phillip and the kids leave...and I always hear everything when I'm asleep. When I got up, I watched the last service of Hobe Sound's camp meeting and it was good.
On Monday, it was back to the school books all over again for the week. God is helping our girls and they are working like busy beavers on their PACES!
Thanks for "tuning in"...I love staying in contact with all of y'all! =D


Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
It has been awhile since we posted on your blog. I always enjoy reading it. Christa and I are busy making wedding plans. I would enjoy knowing when you are coming to the states...you can email. Aunt Linda

Sherry L said...

My favorite cookies are 'real' homemade frosted sugar cookies!! A. Libby also sent me a HS Woman of Worth cookbook! That's love when a husband buys his wife shoes! A wonderful Valentine post! Love, Mom D

Leah said...

Heather - sometimes I do not look forward to reading your blog for I am trying to lose weight and you post pictures of scrumptious looking desserts and I GAIN weight just looking at the pictures!!! Truly though - I love reading your blog!!!

The Going Blog said...

You know now that your going to have to post a picture of the shoes :) I always enjoy reading your new posts. They inspire me to be a better cook, they remind me to pray for you and they help me realize how very easy I have it on Sundays. I hope I get to see you while you are in the States.

Rob and Deanna said...

Your cookies look so Festive! YOu are a Great Mom!!

Ronda said...

Always enjoy seeing your yummy concoctions! How DO you stay so tiny except for your baby tummy?You are amazing! I agree with Martha...We need to see the shoes! ha! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Heather, please forgive me for not commenting for soooo looong!!! Things have really been busy around here! We are counting the days before we see you. All your goodies looked so yummy!! I think I gained 15 lbs. just looking at them!! Emily wants to have a chocolate party when Sarah and Kimberly come home! Love you all bunches! Susanna Pilmore

Myranda said...

WHERE ARE THE PICS OF THE SHOES??? I kept reading and anxiously awaiting the pics of the shoes...you know you are gonna have to post them, right??


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy your batteries? :)
Mine must be generic because I could use some extra energy! :)

Tell Kimberly and Sarah their Valentine treats are so cute.....
I also am so excited about getting to hear them play their violins, LW!!

You're all in my prayers,
Lori R.

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