Sunday, February 3, 2008

~A couple outings that we had before Christmas!~

We had a good Sunday, Thank you for praying!
During Christmas I had too much to blog about, and didn't have time to squeeze this post in, some I'm posting it now. =D
~Before Christmas, our girls violin teacher Adriana and her husband had us over for a yummy dinner. We gave them some chocolates and a Richard Clayderman CD, and they gave our children nice gifts too. We are sooo happy with the violin teacher that God has given our girls.~Kimberly and Sarah helping Adriana, "make" dessert for our meal.
Later that day we did this outing too. There is an ACE school above one of our churches here and so our family decided to take some of our students in that school on a little outing during their Christmas break. They rarely get to come off of the mountain where they live, so this was an exciting time for them. 8 students were able to come with us for this outing. We took them downtown Bogota to see the Christmas lights in a park, bought them supper, and then bought them each one of those fun lighted balls. They really seemed to enjoy the time, and so did we. By the time we took them home and got home ourselves it was after 11:00 PM, and this pregnant lady was ready to go to bed. =D
~The 8 students, and our 3 kids with their lighted balls that we bought them.~
~Our family at the park.~
~The hot-dog stand where some of our group got their supper. Our choices were pizza, hamburgers and hot-dogs, and we each got to chose what sounded best to us.
Would you please help us pray for the students from this ACE school? They live in homes that are pitiful, and run the streets with most of their parents not caring where they are, nor what time they come home! Jimmy and his wife Farly teach at the ACE school here. These students are not easy to teach, because of their undisciplined home life, but Jimmy and Farly are doing a GREAT job. Only God can help Jimmy and Farly and us to touch their lives! Please pray that God will help us as we try to love them to HIM. Thanks for your prayers...we couldn't be here without them!~


Sherry L said...

This looks like it was a wonderful time for your school children, and like a nice visit with Adriana & husband. Thank you for this interesting post. Love, Mom & Dad D

Lisa said...

Looks like you all had fun. We will be praying for those precious children...

P.S. I saw your french bread recipe and just wanted to let you know I tried it and it was wonderful!!!

Thanks for sharing...Lisa

Vonnie said...

Looks like fun! We are so glad you are able to help these kids. No doubt they will make better decisions in their lives because of your influence.

Sarah Cook said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

Also: We are helping to "hold the ropes" for you today! :-) Tell everyone we said Hi!

Love you all!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Heather, I had to comment on your previous post with the French Bread recipe. I love French Bread and so I immediately printed it off. I taped it to my kitchen cabinet and on Sunday night I made the French Bread snack that you posted with your bread recipe. I didn't make the bread however, that will be in the future. I have already bought the yeast.

The French Bread snack was awesome!! We had a houseful of company and everyone kept commenting on how delicious it was. I made sure to mention your name often and where you and your family are serving the Lord. Everyone was so impressed with the recipe. I just wanted to pass the praise on to you so you can pat yourself on the back for passing it

Hope you are feeling well. Maybe if you will be a HSBC when you come home for the baby, we could meet. God bless.

Anonymous said...

How's the little girl that fell on the rebar? I have rebar at my home, and I think of this little girl everytime I see it (mine's not sticking up in a dangerous way).

What about the little girl that was to have eye surgery?

Kimberly said...

So glad the teacher is working out so perfectly! Thankful ya'll are doing well!! Love and Prayers!

Marty said...

Catching up on a few blogs that I have missed...glad to read about your great visit with your parents! and your new furniture!!! Extra counter space is always a good thing!

Marty said...

Catching up on a few blogs that I have missed...glad to read about your great visit with your parents! and your new furniture!!! Extra counter space is always a good thing!

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