Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~Our Sunday~

We moved our Sunday morning service time up to 9:30 AM...which means that we have to leave our house by 8:30 AM...ugh! Getting up early isn't too easy for this pregnant lady, but the Lord helped me, and I got to go to church this past Sunday morning with my family. The Lord gave us a good service and HIS PRESENCE was very close, and that makes all of the difference in the world. Several of us were crying, and 11 people prayed at the end of service. Praise God!! We know that unless God meets with us, and does the work here in our churches, we labor in vain. We praise Him for "coming to church" with us on Sunday morning. Phillip called on our little Noah to take up the offering.....So,

He went up front, held the offering "basket" while Phillip prayed and then took up the offering. However, he must have missed someone, for when he got back up front, a few people started calling his name for him to come back for them to put in their offering. That is when Noah fell into my arms and lost it. He bawled his eyes out, and Kimberly had to finish taking up the offering. (Phillip and I were discussing it later, and Phillip said that Noah would not be shy...except that we moved to Costa Rica to study Spanish when he was only 16 months old, and from that point on in his life he has gotten WAY more attention...than he EVER wanted...in both Costa Rica and Colombia because of his blond hair and blue eyes......and that has made him shy! He can hardly walk down the street without being OOHHED and AAHHED over and patted on the head, hugged, etc. by several women, which call him a "baby", and he thinks he is a big boy now, and DOES NOT want them to pay attention to him! =) After he took up the offering, I told Noah that God was pleased that He had helped take up the offering, but that he didn't have to do it again until he was older. He replied, "Yea, I don't want to do it again until I'm a big man like Daddy! " =)
-Could you PLEASE PRAY for this young man from our church?

He has been VERY ill for months. He aches all over, lives with MAJOR PAIN (on pain pills), is VERY WEAK and can hardly walk...so of course he cannot work either. The doctors haven't figured out what is wrong yet. Phillip had him come forward and we prayed for God to touch him. We have never done this before here in this church, but Sunday morning, Phillip felt like he should take up an offering for him and his family. We received a nice sized offering for our little congregation who hardly have any money, and the couple was very touched and she was crying when Phillip gave them the money. They both came forward to pray after church as well. God is able to heal him.
-Also there was an older man there who prayed at the end of service and was crying. In the past several months, we have been reaching out to his family. We we were told that he is a part of one of the dangerous groups, and we'd love to see him go through with God.
After church I was praying for a taxi, for baby and I were STARVING and needing to get home to eat before I got sick. We were standing there and God sent a taxi along. When the taxi picked us up, the driver told us that he NEVER comes to that area, and that he would not feel comfortable picking up people in that area, but when he saw us, he could NOT believe his eyes that here stood an American family...and he thought that we must be LOST being Americans and being in that dangerous area. We told him that we have a church there and are there several times a week. =) We came home and all worked together to make a delicious soup, and enjoyed our dinner then the kids and Phillip went to our evening service. Baby and I took a 2 hour nap and then watched Hobe Sound's campmeeting service.


AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Hi Heather. It's been a long time since I've felt like reading your blog. Uncle Dan and I have spent the last couple hours reading and enjoying hearing about your lives in Columbia. We love you all.

The Going Blog said...

I'm sorry Noah but those blue eyes and blond hair make you irresistible and sqeezable even to us Americans. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and reading your blog. It's a good morning :)

Martha C said...

Poor Noah!

Vonnie said...

Nice that you could tell that taxi driver that you were there "on purpose".

Kimberly said...

Enjoyed your sharing of how God is helping ya'll there. Sweet Noah...and you handled that so lovingly. Sending Happy Valentine's Love Day to all!

(will pray for this young man and the little girl with blindness.)

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