Sunday, February 24, 2008

~Noah's comment, Thurs. church trip, Phillip...toothache~

Thanks Ladies for all your nice comments on my blog about what you think that I'm carrying. The other night, Phillip and I were discussing the possibility of my having twins (which the possibility probably isn't high...but My Father-in-law is a twin, and my brother and wife have twins) and I was saying that I CANNOT imagine coming back to Colombia with twins to take care of...with my Moma, sister, and other family too far away to help me. I think twins are special, just know they are EXTRA WORK...and I still feel like I'm carrying ONLY ONE baby.
Little did I know that my Noah was listening to Phillip and I talk. All of the sudden he piped up and said, "If God sends you twins, you can just say, "Thank you, but I don't want them!" HEE! HEE! I hugged Noah and said, "No, if God sends me twins, I'll say, 'Thank you, now, Could You please help me take care of them?'" =D Noah said that he would also help me take care of the twins if God gives them to us. =) Kids...they don't miss a thing, do they?! =)
~Our family opening up cards and gifts that my parents brought us in Jan.~

This next is a paragraph that I wrote after our Thursday night church trip this week.
Whew! We just got home from church...and what a night. We found a taxi that said he would take us to church, then he changed his mind at the bottom of the mountain, so we got out and God sent us another taxi, and we got to church on time. I was EXHAUSTED and didn't really feel like going to church, but did it for Jesus, and For Phillip. We had a good service with 21 of us there. After church we went out to catch a bus and the STREETS were EMPTY!!! I mean no cars, no buses, no nothing! We stood there for about an hour or so waiting...then Finally a bus came and took us a little ways and then we saw the problem! There was construction, so there was only one lane opened normally, and a big truck had lost his wheel in a hole in the one lane that was opened. So, we all had to get out of that bus and walk UP THE STEEP, TALL MOUNTAIN to get to another taxi or bus. I didn't think that I could make it up the mountain, but prayed, and God helped me. There were 100s of people walking up and down that mountain trying to get to their destinations, for nothing but motorcycles could get past that broken down truck. Thankfully we found a taxi at the top of the mountain that brought us all the way home. I'm REALLY tired now! I'm having a hard enough time WALKING right now at 6 months pregnant...let alone CLIMBING mountains. =)
Today, is Sunday, and since I'm having such a hard time walking, I stayed home today from church, and am watching Hobe Sound's services. Phillip and the kids went. Please do pray for Phillip he has a horrible tooth ache. We hope to get him to the dentist on Monday, but we need God to help him preach twice today. Thanks for your prayers...they mean TONS to us!


Valorie said...

Oh, Heather. The story about Noah was so cute -- kids are just the limit. And you, girl! Walking up a mountain and 6 months pregnant. You go! I'm sure the angels were right there beside you even if you didn't see them. You are one of my heroines, Heather. God has gifted you with such strength and inner tenacity. He is using you for His glory. Will pray for Phillip, too.

Vonnie said...

We're praying for Phillip's tooth. Can't imagine the trouble of getting to and from church. We take so much for granted here. Mom's usually know, if you have that deep down feeling, what and how many they are going to have. I loved Noah's comments!!

Ronda said...

Sorry that you had to walk up that steep mountain...that had to be difficult!(I bet all that exercise is going to help you have an easy, wonderful delivery! It's true....from my experience in OB....Girls that walk on a routine basis have an easier time! I don't wish THAT experience on you again though!) Cute comment from Noah! I hope that Phillips's tooth gets taken care of soon...toothaches are not at all fun! Keeping you in our prayers!

sankey family said...

How did Phillip do preaching yesterday with the bad tooth? Are you able to get him to a dentist today?
What Noah said about twins was cute.
Happy Monday!~

Kimberly said...

Glad you were able to get some needed rest after that steep!! Trust Philip is feeling better.

I thought you would like to know that I went to the Taste of Home Visitor's Center when I was in Wi. would like it!:)

Liz said...

I'm guessing a boy for you, by the way . . . :>) Hold your hands out in front of you - are they palms or knuckles up? That's supposed to tell you . . . :>) Let me know what you do.

We do take so much for granted here as far as rides, etc. Thanks for your sweet example of grace.

I was wondering if you have an Italian bread recipe. Something crusty on the outside and more dense inside than typical French bread. I am going to try your French bread tomorrow - maybe that's what I'm looking for!

Take care!

Melanie C. said...

Noah's comment about the twins is so cute! And how you manage to walk such long are more of a woman than me!!!

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