Thursday, February 14, 2008

~Happy Valentines Day, Phillip!~

~My sweetheart and I in Medellin on our 12th anniversary in June. (It was windy, so my skirt was blowing in this picture!)~
~My Phillip~
Thank you for asking me to that picnic at G.B.S.
I will be FOREVER GLAD that I said, "YES!"
Those dating days were wonderful you see...
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME.

Thank you for asking me to marry you on April Fool's Day...
I'm glad you weren't fooling, and I'm yours for ALWAY!
Thank you for that portrait that you drew of me...what a beauty
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME.

What fun memories we have of our newlywed days...
We have had a strong Christian home, to God be praised!
These 12 1/2 years of Marriage have been just as fun as they could be.
Thank you for being YOU and loving me as ME.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy to our precious 4;
Thank you for loving Jesus, spending time with us and more.
Thank you for the awesome memories we have as a family
Thank you for being YOU and loving me as ME.

Thank you for letting me treat you like a KING...
And Thank you for treating me like a QUEEN!
Let us grow old together...until we are 103
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME. ~Heather

~Bragging on my man! Years ago, my Daddy was the author of this Bible reading chart. Here recently, God helped Phillip to translate Daddy's Bible reading chart into Spanish.~

~Inside and on the back of these Bible Reading charts, there is a box for each chapter of the Bible, so you can mark off what you have read. If you read 3 chapters a day, and 5 on Sunday, you can read your Bible through in a year. With this chart Phillip is hoping to encourage our people in Colombia to read God's Word...our road map to Heaven!~

~My Phillip surprised me the other day and bought me a nice tea kettle. I didn't even know we could find one of those here. I've been enjoying lots of yummy cups of tea...THANK YOU, Phillip.~

I love you, Phillip, Thanks for being my Valentine!


Lisa said...

So sweet Heather-wonderful poem!

Lisa :)

Vonnie said...

Very nice gift from Phillip, hope you have a nice Valentines Day!!

Charity said...

Enjoyed your creative Valentine poem. Your tea cups made me smile! Congrats to Philip on getting the Bible reading plan translated. My B.A. was in Spanish, so I KNOW the hard work translation can be. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. May there be plenty of besos y abrazos to go around ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog girl! The poem is precious, just like your family. We think your man is tops also. You and Phillip have heled make us what we are . Thank you so much for taking time for us in Phoenix and now. We love you all tons.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!! lila

Beth said...

Happy Valentines Day!

We love and miss you all

Ronda said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Loved the poem...You are one creative lady! I made your "french bread" the other family LOVED it! (Thanks for sharing your recipe!)

Sherry L said...

What a kind & sweet poem, Heather. We are so thankful that you are such a loving wife & mother. Nothing could make us happier, you know. All our love always, Mom & Dad D
PS- Your previous post was so interesting. Dear little Noah and his episode was adorable. And, everything you wrote about was so good to hear. Thank you for taking the time to describe these scenes to us. Mom D

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Beautiful!! I love the faces on the cups. Those are adorable. Happy Valentines Day!!

Phillip D said...

Sweetest Heather, Now that I'm back from Medellin and have online access I can comment. Thank you for the nice poem. I love you too. Yes, let's go for 103. You are the best!


Les said...

So sweet!
When do you travel back to Cincinnati?

Kelly S said...

Very nice poem and very cute picture of you and Phillip.

Anonymous said...

The poem is so sweet....You have a wonderful way with words! Not everyone has that gift! I'm glad you choose to share with others!
I'm glad you had a good Valentines day! I received a WOW cookbook.... We had the opportunity to be at Hobe Sound camp this year, so DH bought me the cookbook from the gift store there. Now I just need to use it! :) Maybe, I can pull myself up by my boot straps and find something in it to fix for dinner.
I did make an apple cobbler out of it last week! :) Maybe there's still hope for me... I wasn't born with a love for cooking of baking. Although, the older our children get the more I find myself in the kitchen! And usually, they're right behind, with each one wanting to "help" me! Maybe, it will cultivate something in them, that I never had for cooking?!
Whoa, enough about that! :)
Lori R.

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