Friday, February 8, 2008

~Catching up~

I'm back! Like I mentioned earlier, Our girls are WORKING HARD on their school work, and so now-a-days I don't have much time to read/write email or blogs much. It seems that all I get done is, "Mommy, how do you spell...?" or "Mommy 5 plus 6 equals 11, right?" =D Our girls have been working on their PACES for around 13 days now, and they have completed 9 PACES each. Sarah will complete 2 more tomorrow (yes, we are doing school work on Saturdays too), and Kimberly, 4 more at the first of the week, Lord willing. We thank God for His help.
~On Sunday we went to church in the AM and had a good service, then hurried home and had Skyline Chili, YUM! YUM! We took Noah's shirt off while he ate his Skyline,...for obvious reasons. =) ~ (The kids and Phillip went to church Sunday night and God gave them a good service then too. Baby and I watched Hobe Sound's evening service.~On Monday, in the midst of PACES, PACES, PACES, we took the kids to a park for an hour or so. This is Noah and a little neighbor boy riding their dump trucks together.~
~Noah and Daddy, having fun!~
~I showed Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah how to put 2 swings together, and they enjoyed swinging like that.~
~Phillip, Heather and baby swinging too!~
~I'm only 5 months along with my pregnancy and I'm feeling HUGE! I'm already getting asked if I'm due to have my baby right now. UGH! Does anyone have any clue HOW DISCOURAGING IT IS TO BE ONLY 5 MONTHS ALONG, AND ALREADY OUT-GROWING SOME OF MY MATERNITY CLOTHES? THE OTHER DAY I PUT ON A MATERNITY OUTFIT AND IT MADE ME LOOK LIKE A GOOD YEAR BLIMP! HA! I don't plan on wearing that outfit again. On Monday I walked into our garage and found Noah with a balloon in his shirt...looking like YOU KNOW WHO! Notice...his purple "belly button" (end of the balloon) hanging out of his shirt. =D~
~One morning this week, my 2 sweet girls got up and made us breakfast...eggs (which they called "egg pie"), and Sarah made a blackberry shake.~
~And Kimberly made us brownies too. (What? You don't serve brownies for breakfast at your house? =)
~In the last week God has helped me scrapbook 46 pages. I ran out of pages for my album, so I cannot scrapbook the last 3 months of pictures that I had wanted to get done. Oh well, at least I know that I only lack 3 months and I will have all of our 2007 pics scrapbooked, Praise the Lord! Here are some of my pages.~
~One of the pages of Sarah's Kindergarten graduation.~
~Our girls first day of school last September~
~The page about when we told our kids that we are going to have our 4th precious baby!~

-We are waiting on little blind Maria's parents and doctors to make the decision on when to do her eye surgery. Right now, she is using some strong eye drops, and they are saying that there is a problem so they cannot do the surgery yet.
-Not to long ago, we saw the little girl that fell on the rebar. We didn't get a chance to find out how she was doing, but we understand that she is still waiting for surgery. I'm sure that she and her family need prayer.
If anyone wants to know what dates we are coming back to the USA, please email me at I don't feel comfortable putting that info on my blog.
Thanks for all of y'all's prayers, they mean TONS to us!


lila said...

I.m glad you are back. I missed you. i check your blog everyday since Jim set it uo for me. Your scrapbooking is nice. Thanks for sharing all you share. love ya tons lila

Liz said...

Yummo...Cincy style chili!! I have to admit it was one of our faves when we lived in Cincy!! We still fix it from a recipe I have. I have bought the cans and mixes but we prefer goldstar's way better. Glad you got to enjoy that treat!! Looks like Noah enjoyed it too!! Ha!! Love ya!!

Melanie C. said... the picture of your belly and Noah's! So adorable!

Vonnie said...

I know you are working so hard on school. It is so nice that they can work at their own pace and get done quicker. It is nice that you can take a break and have some fun together as a family. I love the picture of Noah with the balloon under his shirt. :) Can't wait til you come "home" and have that sweet baby. Are you sure you aren't having two?? :)

Steve & Angela said...

awww HEather you look adorable :) I think being prego is the greatest feeling.. and yes you get an excuse to be as big as u wanna be :) Have been praying for you and yours and also for a quick safe journey "home" How exciting. Can not wait to see pic's and hear the "news".

Blessings, Angela

Twila G. said...

Heather, I think you look great! I am so impressed with your scrapbooking! Looks so nice. I love the flexibility of homeschooling too. Tell your girls to keep up the great work!! Have a good week. I'm praying for you all.

Ronda said...

Enjoyed all of your pictures...I just have to say that you so don't look like a good-year blimp EVEN if you feel like one! You look great! The picture of Noah with his belly really impressed my little "Cade"...He laughed and laughed! (That is definitely scrapbookable!) Enjoyed your scrapbooking pages, too! Nice job! Hope that you are having a good day!

julie f said...

Loved the pictures and the updates. I am so glad you are felling good! I hope these next few months pass quickly and smoothly for you.

I have been curious about your prenatal care. Is it a lot like what you would get in the states?

We are praying for you all!

Take care of yourself and baby.

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