Saturday, November 29, 2014

~Our Thanksgiving 2014~

We thought that we would be going back to Argentina by November 12th or so, so figured we wouldn't get to be here in the USA for Thanksgiving.
But Jesus had other plans so we were SO HAPPY to be HOME for Thanksgiving!!!
~We got to go over to Daddy and Moma's house for Thanksgiving and Daryl and Laura and family came over too!!
I made 3 pies.
~The first is a pumpkin pie with a praline topping all ready to go into the oven.~
~The 2nd is Aunt Helen's pumpkin pie recipe, ready to bake.
The 3rd pie (pictured later) is an Apple pie!~

~Elijah holding baby Abigail. (3 months)~
~Gramp hung a swing in the tree for the kids.~
~Gram and Kimberly!
We are SO GRATEFUL TO JESUS that we still have Gram with us...and that Jesus has touched her from her stroke she had a year and a half ago.~
~Gram made this yummy birthday cake to celebrate Phillip's birthday.~
~Jesus gave Daddy and Moma a fixer-upper house in IN and Daddy and Moma have it looking SO CUTE and homey now!!~
~Gramp and Abigail...the youngest of his 19 grandchildren. (including Keith's Natalie.)~
~Gram holding Abigail and Gramp reading a story to our kids.~

~So none of us had to wash up a BUNCH of dishes, I brought fun Thanksgiving-ny paper plates and napkins.~
~Gramp's fire pit all ready for a fire...and Jesus sent some FUN snow on Thanksgiving day!~

~Our pretty table.~
~One of Daryl's students gave their family this Beautiful fall arrangement, which they brought over to share with us for Thanksgiving day.~

~A year ago I looked at these little pumpkin place card holders on line and they were $1.00 each.  So, I didn't buy them.
A couple weeks ago I found these at the Christmas tree shops.  A box of 6 little pumpkin place card holders was only $1.50 for the entire box!!!!  YAY!!!~
~We had Fun visiting together and just chilling!~
~Sarah and Darla in their matching sweaters.~

~Bryan, Noah, and Elijah climbed trees.~
~Phillip did a great job on the turkey.~
~All together!~

~Laura made a choc. chip pecan pie and a pumpkin roll, and the rolls.  Moma made the yummy candied sweet potatoes.  We all worked to through the rest of the yummy meal together.
My apple pie.~

~Natasha and baby Abigail.~
~Darla and Sarah's matching Christmas socks that Gramp and Gram gave them last year.~
~Brittany and Abigail.~
~Gram and Abigail.~
~Love the little monkey on Abigail's little "rumple-stilt-skin."  =) ~
~All tuckered out.~
~I told you that Abigail NEVER lacks for attention.  =)~
~Elijah was suffering from Asthma.
I thought this picture was so cute.  Mary asked him to lay on her lap and she rubbed his little head and told him how sorry she was that he was sick. =) ~
~U. Daryl and Mary.~
~The girl cousins...minus Abigail who was taking a nap.~

~So FUN to be with Moma and Laura.~

~Bryan reading a story to his little cousins.~
~Gramp made us a fun fire.~

~Then we had family devotions and went around the room Thanking the Lord for something that we could touch, and we couldn't repeat anything that anyone else said.  It was a neat time being together.  (We surely missed Andrew and Vonnie and family, Lincoln and Lyn and Kelsea, and Keith and Natalie (and baby. =) ~

~Kimberly REALLY wanted to go shopping on Friday, so her Daddy graciously agreed to take she and Sarah.
So, Early the next morning Phillip, Kimberly and Sarah got ready to go BLACK Blessed Friday shopping...but our van wouldn't start.  =(
So, they went back to bed, and later once Gramp was up, he jumped the van and they got to go for a little while.~
~Phillip being crazy and acting like he's asleep.~

~Phillip taking a funny pic acting like he was HAPPY to be DONE shopping.  =)  What a SWEET Daddy he is!!!~
~As we were leaving Gramp and Gram's house, I put Elijah's hat on Abigail's head just to keep her warm as we carried her to the van, and she fell asleep that way.
We had a very BLESSED Thanksgiving!!!
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for ALLLLLLL your blessings to us and for being with family this Thanksgiving!!~


Dorcas said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the updates! You have such a beautiful family!!

Kimberly said...

Abigail is so adorable! Thankful your Mama is doing well and that you all could enjoy Thanksgiving together...even though you're now on Fb, so glad you blog:) love to all!

lila said...

Looks like a fun and perfect Thanksgiving!! So thankful you all could be together!!

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