Friday, November 7, 2014

~My Happy Birthday~

I had a very happy birthday.  My niece Sophia and I share a birthday, so we went up to Michael and Beth's and celebrated together.  
~Here's a fun picture of my sweetheart and I at Eden Park overlooking the Ohio river.~
 ~I had given a little money to help Beth buy a nice ice cream cake for Sophia, but had told her that I didn't need my name on the cake, so it could be more special for Sophia.
Dear Mom D. decided that I needed my VERY OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE...and so sent the money with Beth to buy me a cake.  
Beth found this adorable yummy choc. cake for my cake.  =) ~
 ~Kinsey (holding baby Abigail) and I.~
 ~We were wall-to-wall people...and wall-to-wall fun!!~

 ~Amy and I being Silly~
 ~Heather, Beth, and Amy wearing our birthday hats Sophia gave us.~
 ~Sophia's pretty and yummy ice cream cake.~
 ~Sophia and I.~

 ~Sophia opening her gifts.~
 ~Yours truly.  My sweetheart was snapping pics of me and I didn't even know it.  =)
I got some very nice gifts as well, but we didn't get any pics.~
 ~Beth holding one tired Jeremiah, and Amy holding one tired Abigail.~
 ~Sweet Kimberly enjoying some coffee.~
 ~Dad, Mom, (getting a fun foot rub from Kinsey), and Heather.~
I had a very nice birthday!!!

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lila said...

Nice birthday indeed!!! Nothing like having family to share it with! The cake is so cute. Sherry was right that you needed you own cake. Love your red boots!! Happy Birthday again!!

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