Saturday, November 1, 2014

~Pics of our Dickinson family reunion~

Dad and Mom D. arrived from AZ yesterday morning.
Michael and Beth and family came down last night.
We are having fun being together!!
 ~Kimberly and I made some yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning.~

 ~A Homemade cinnamon roll and coffee...Pure yumminess!~
 ~Grandpa and Abigail time!
We were sooo glad that the Lord gave Dad and Mom CHEAP airline tickets to come down so they could meet baby Abigail and see all of us.~
Michael and baby Abigail. =)

~Yours truly holding baby Abigail.~
 ~We thought she was so CUTE all bundled up.~
~Dad D., Phillip, And Michael.~

~~The Bible says that a ladies' hair is her glory.  So, here's our traditional picture of Our "Glory!"  =D ~
L to R:  
Mom D.,  
Tiny baby Abigail,  
and Mary. =)~
~And here is the guys' hair pic.  Hee! Hee! =) ~


~Carla~ said...

Love your family and your pictures! What a blessing you are :) Happy Monday....~Carla~

lila said...

So thankful Bud and Sherry made it in safely! What a nice post. Hope we can see them while they are here. The cinnamon rolls look wonderful! Love and prayers

Martha S. Bryan said...

Happy Birthday "little girl" I left your gift with Kimberly, to give you it was so good to be able to come over for Abigail's dedication on the Lord's Day. It was sweet and also to get to see Dad and Mom Dickinson Looking forward to you all coming for Thanksgiving. Love Moma

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