Monday, November 10, 2014

~Enjoying Fall, Family, and Friends!!~

~We have been loving having Dad and Mom D. here from AZ.~
~Mary and Abigail~
~Beth, Amy, and Abigail.~
~Michael, Dad, and Phillip made us some YUMMY hot dogs and hamburgers!~
~I love to see U. Michael holding our babies. So cute. =) ~
~It was fun to have company over and get to make a fun Fall table and use my Fall dishes!~
~We had our friends the Flings and Jeffrey and Beth Albertson over.  I told Beth that she was "at home" 'cause I needed her to help mix up the muffins for dinner.  She did a great job and they were delish!~

~We had such a special time together going around the table and thanking the Lord for all His MANY blessings!!  Michele brought their dinner over too, so we had plenty of yummy food and fun Christian fellowship!~
~Jeffrey and Beth were a big help with the dishes!!~
~I love this little brown dress we got for Mary at a thrift store.~
~Dad and Mom D. at Eden park, with the Ohio River behind them.~

1 comment:

lila said...

So glad Bud and Sherry got to visit and meet sweet Abigail. Would love to have seen them but I know they didn't have much time for extra people. The table is beautiful and the food looks wonderful. Great post. love you all

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