Thursday, November 20, 2014

~Baby Abigail was dedicated to God!~

~While Dad and Mom D. were here from AZ we had our Baby Abigail dedicated to Jesus! Here is Gram holding her before her dedication.~
~Our Pastors Bro. Eisenhart and Bro. Pilmore dedicated Abigail.~

~Phillip and I sang, "We're building Temples."
~Grandpa and Grandma D., and my parents both got to be with us on this special day.~
~Little Elijah and Mary.~

~Abigail had been wailing...and then when Bro. Eisenhart started praying, she quit crying and just watched him. =) ~

~Just after Pastor Eisenhart had kissed her.~
~I didn't get a lot of pics of her in her dedication dress, but I did grab a few in the church nursery, and this was one of them.~
~Our dear friends Sherry Patton, Kelsie and Kylie.~
~It was SO NICE to have our whole Dickinson family together!~
~Grandpa and Grandma D. with their 10 Grandkids.~

~Then I had planned to have the whole group to our house for dinner, but then plans got switched and our Good friends Rob and Deanna opened up their home to all 33 of us! =)
I told Deanna that since I had planned on having the whole group at my house anyway, I would supply the paper goods, the decor for the tables, and the ladies and I would provide all the food.~
~My centerpiece on Rob and Deanna's beautiful round table!~
~Some of the guys visiting.~

~Lots of visiting and laughing going on.~
~Phillip did an AMAZING job with the turkey!  Delish!~
~And Deanna did a Great job on her venison roast!  Here Rob is cutting it.~
~There was LOTS of food.  I was so THANKFUL for all the ladies help in bringing in food!~
~Our dear host and hostess.~
~There were tables and people everywhere!  We had fun!!~
~One of the twins and Mary.~
~The boys~
~The girls.  (We greatly missed Natasha and Brittany who were out with G.B.S. choir that Sunday!)~ her pretty dedication dress...sleeping after her big dedication day. =) ~
 ~Our Sleeping Beauty...all tuckered out! =) ~


lila said...

Wow!! what a big wonderful celebration!!! Love and prayers

Alba Zapata-Perez said...

Hi I just wrote a comment not sure if you received. Im from Colombia, iwhat city you are in Colombia?

Dorcas said...

Beautiful pictures of Abigail's dedication and then your time of fellowship with family and friends.

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