Monday, May 19, 2014

~My Happy Mother's Day~

 Due to Elijah's birthday posts, I'm just now posting about my Mother's day. =)

Jesus and our missionary life have us in a new country, and it's fun to learn the European traditions here in Argentina. 
Recently, our friends from our church in the US, Bro. and Sis. Jowers visited the only tea plantation in the US in S. Carolina.
They sent me the following info and cute picture!

Hi Heather, 
Thought this was interesting...we visited the only tea plantation in the United States. It is in Charleston, SC. 
They told us that most of the tea that is imported to the US comes from Argentina. 
Here is a photo I took on their plantation saying: that the next closet tea plantations are in Argentina 4,823 miles, and in Turkey 5,630 miles.  =)

Here in Argentina in the main grocery stores, there is nearly a WHOLE grocery aisle dedicated to "teas."   Argentine teas, oriental teas, Argentine Mate, etc.
And interestingly enough most if not all stores are opened in the morning until 1:30 or so, THEN CLOSE SEVERAL HOURS FOR "TEA" ("Tea" of course meaning a luncheon along with their hot tea).
Then the stores open back up at 4:30 or so until 7:00 or 8:00 P.M., after which they close for the night and go eat SUPPER. 

God not only has us learning the European/Argentine culture, but the CHINESE culture as well. =) 
So, now we have learned to drink, serve, and enjoy "Chinese tea" which is hot green tea made from tea leaves, and served in little tiny cups, no sugar added. =)

~I had seen this Adorable wooden tea box with French writing on it in a knick-knack store, but the price the lady gave me was a little spendy, so I walked away.  =(
3 weeks later, Phillip and I were back in that same store and the price on my cute little tea box was GREATLY reduced!!  
I was SO HAPPY that Phillip bought it for me for my Mother's day gift.~
 ~I love choosing each new tea bag out of my little wooden tea box. =)~
 ~These French words on my box are similar to it says something like, 
"The teas of the world." =) ~
There are lots of tea shops here in Argentina, with fun pastries and scones as well. =)
If you haven't noticed by now I love teas, coffees (but can't drink it right now), and pastries.  
I just LOVE to go to tea rooms and enjoy a pastry and tea! 
I also LOVE to make fun pastries and tea at home for my family!  =) 
~Some brownies and lemon bars I made.~
 ~Our 6 BLESSINGS and I on Mother's day.  ~
(Since it's turning CHILLY here, I wore a knit top under my dressy blouse, to keep me from FREEZING that day...although I nearly did. =) ~
 ~And we Mother's received these cute little magnetic note pads at put on our refrigerators. =) ~
 ~Since we eat Sunday dinner at the Chinese church...After our family snack that Sunday evening, I served a simple Flan dessert (that I made out of a package and put in my little white tea cups =), and served store bought cookies as a little treat to my family. 
(I was too tired that Saturday to make homemade desserts. =) ~
 ~I love these tiny spoons that go with my little white tea cups and saucers that Phillip bought for me the first time we were in Argentina. ~
 ~Some love notes, coins and "art" the kids gave/made me. =)  
There are 2 refrigerators in this house.  Since baby and I eat LOTS of fresh veggies, having an extra 'fridge to keep them in is SUCH A BLESSING.
When I got up the Monday morning after Mother's day, Kimberly was cleaning both refrigerators as my Mother's day gift.  =) 

Thank you, Jesus, for the privilege of being a Mommy.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.
As I've said for years now,
~"Children are the Best "Things" 
since husbands!" =D ~


lila said...

Love the tea box. I love tea and tea rooms. I would love to own and operate a tea room. Nice post. Glad you are enjoying your time in Argentina!! Love and prayers

Abigail Kuhn said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! We had the privelege of dedicating our girls on my first Mother's Day! That made it extra special!

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