Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~Celebrating our Elijah...part 1~

This week we are celebrating our little Elijah.
We are SO GLAD that Jesus saw fit to"drop into our home" our very ACTIVE, Very sensitive, very "snuggy" [That would be "huggy and snuggly" mixed together =) ], Fun-loving Elijah!
Trust me there is NEVER a dull moment in our home with him around! =)
He loves activity, but also loves to COLOR and can stay there for hours.  He loves Jesus and has a very tender conscious.  I said he's snuggy....but that normally is at nights or when he's sick only!  During the day he doesn't like to give out too many hugs...for he LOVES a challenge and LOVES for us to chase him in order to GET a hug.  =)

A few weeks ago when Phillip and I came home from the ultrasound of our baby and we announced to the kids that it appears we are going to have a baby girl....Elijah just shrugged his shoulders and said,
"Oh, Well, THE NEXT BABY can be a baby boy!!!!"  =D
I tried to tell him that since Mommy will turn 41 her next birthday, I didn't know IF there would be "A NEXT BABY!"  =)

~Since we were going to have 2 tables at his little birthday party, we made 2 birthday cakes.  This is the chocolate cake that I made for the adult's table.
It's just a simple 2 layer chocolate cake with a thin layer of plain Peanut butter spread between the 2 layers, then a thin layer of P.Butter spread on top, then white chocolate drizzled in circles, and choc. chips sprinkled.  We love the taste of the P. Butter and chocolate together.  We served both cakes with vanilla ice cream.~
 ~In our boxes of things from 2011/2012 there were Lightning McQueen cars things that we used for Noah's 8th birthday, so we decided to save money and use that theme again for Elijah's birthday!~
 ~Kimberly decided to make him a Tow Mater (the Tow truck) birthday cake.
She had no cake mold, just looked at the picture and made it all up in her head.~
 ~Our family and our guests thought that he turned out SO CUTE!!!~

 ~Here's the table where the kids were to sit.~

 ~And here's the adult table.~

 ~We had these little cars to stick down in my cake...which delighted Elijah.~
 ~Our Elijah wearing his new tennis shoes which were part of his gifts from Daddy and Mommy.  He REALLY needed tennis shoes.~

 ~Elijah loves his big brother Noah and wanted a picture with him.  The colors that they were wearing made this picture look like Christmas.  =) ~
 ~WHAT A SPECIAL DAY we had celebrating Elijah's birthday!!!
Our Dear Friends Leo and Caro and their Jonathan and Valentina took our family to the zoo for Elijah's birthday!~
 ~And on top of that they got Elijah a Nice gift.~
 ~Here's Elijah opening his FUN "Cars" back pack from them.~

 ~Standing in line to pay.  Notice Elijah wearing his new back pack to the right.
Thankfully it was Tuesday and so it was half price per ticket and because it was ELIJAH'S birthday he and Mary both GOT IN FOR FREE!!!! =) ~

 ~Our family~
 ~Leo and Caro and family~
 ~We decided to take a picture of "All our children" when some other father WHOM WE HAVE NO CLUE WHO it was...ran up and stuck his child in our picture, and snapped a picture of his boy (to the left of Kimberly) and our kids.
It was interesting and sort of funny.  =) ~
 ~We passed these Cacti and thought it was funny that one had a heart-shaped ear that reminded us of Minnie Mouse...~
 ~And another looked sort of like Mickey Mouse.~
 ~Elijah got a little name tag which let the people know through-out the zoo that he was celebrating his birthday there.
He got to go by the first snack shop we came to and they gave him a BIG cup with a straw that has the name of the zoo and fun animal pics on it and it was filled with....~
 ~Candy...which Elijah shared with everyone.~
 ~Here is where we ate our little picnic lunch of crackers, cheese, ham slices, salami, sliced green apples, mixed nuts, chips and drinks.  We had packed it to be a snack, but it pretty much filled us up (along with some cookies and other munchies we ate later on), so that we didn't have to buy any food in the zoo.  =)~
 ~Our God is so amazing!!! I surely wouldn't have wanted the job of THINKING UP every different kind of NEAT animal, fish, insects, and birds to say nothing of us humans.  =) ~

 ~This zoo was really pretty and well-kept.~

 ~ A fun little fountain in the middle of the zoo.~
 ~The girls in front of the fountain.~

 ~In the Aquarium~
  ~Sarah and Valentina took pics of "Nemo" the fish.~
 ~A fun boat the kids could climb on.
Part 2 of Elijah's birthday pics coming up.~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Such a sweet-natured and beaming-countenanced little tow-headed boy, Elijah is! It seems that each new child you have had is such a precious new treasure from Jesus! I am anxious to see the new baby's personality, her looks, and then, to hear the name that Phillip and you have picked for her. And if she is sweeter than your other children, Heaven's to Betsy, she will be pure dripping honey!
Kiss that 6 year old Elijah and tell him if he was here with Grandpa and I, we would give him a Birthday Whooping with 6 swats, and then, we would give him 6 Birthday kisses! Elijah, we're going to keep you! We are NOT GIVING YOU AWAY! Lots of love, swats, and kisses! Grandma and Grandpa Dickinson in Arizona PS - Bridget and Baby want me to tell you, Happy Birthday Elijah, too! If you were here, they would give you a dog kiss with their tongues. Ha! Ha!

lila said...

Awe... what a nice birthday. The zoo looks very nice and fun. Kimberly did a great job on the cake. She takes after her Daddy with that artistic talent. Please tell Elijah the Kemp's said Happy Birthday!!

Denise said...

And a very happy birthday from Aunt Nesi, Elijah! Did you know that of ALL of Aunt Nesi's kids, YOU are the ONLY ONE I got to take home from the hospital!!!! That makes you double special to me! I love you so much and I am working on memorizing stories to tell you when you come back to the States!(I will have a special surprise for you when you get here!) :) Happy, happy birthday! And may Jesus give you many happy, healthy years to serve Him!

RicKaren said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet handsome boy! Cute party and Kimberly did an awesome job on Mater!

Pamela said...

What a fun birthday! The Mater cake was perfect. Your children have your artistic talents. I love seeing what they create. Happy Birthday, Elijah!

The Dickinsons said...

Dearest Elijah, (from Gramp and Gram)
We are delighted that you had such a nice birthday treat with a trip to the zoo with friends! That big cup of candy from the zoo was really nice and fun for you to share. Gramp and I will have your birthday present for you when you get home. I worked so hard yesterday after Gramp and I talked about your birthday that I forgot to check and see what day it was. It looked like you had a fun day at the zoo.

Your cake from Kimberly is fantastic! She made that without even a pattern, WOW! Not too long until you all will be home and I can't wait! Love Gramp and Gram

Anonymous said...

Dearest Elijah,
My dear lil (not so little anymore... can't believe ur 6 already!)I was there when ou were born & have always thought You were so very special... can't claim you as "our own" but almost! hee! We thought of you all day... but have been running too fast to tell you. So glad you had fun at the zoo there. some pretty fantastic pics!
We are getting excited to see you real soon! Love you and tell your sisters we're praying for them these last 20 days of school left. pretty soon they will be on an airplane and can sleep then, cause I'm sure you don't have time to sleep now! lol!

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