Friday, May 23, 2014

~Our Noah finishes 4th grade!~

 With Jesus' help Noah finished 4th grade yesterday! =D  
We've only gone to McDonalds one time since we have been here in Argentina, and that was MONTHS ago, so we took Noah and the fam to McDonalds to celebrate Noah getting done with schoolwork.
~As we stood in line to order our food, Sarah saw this fun little place to snap Noah's picture. =)~
 ~Noah, Mary, and Kimberly~
 Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Phillip, due to the following.
The playground was upstairs, and we ate at a table near the playground.
After we ate the kids went to play on the playground, and K, S, and I went downstairs for a few minutes.
  Later Phillip came downstairs looking for someone WITH A MOP!  
He told me that a little boy was THROWING UP upstairs at the top of the stairs ....near the playground!  =(  
So, Phillip told me NOT to go back upstairs and to please get us a couple tables downstairs where we could eat our dessert.
Then Phillip, K, and S, went back upstairs and gathered our stroller and coats and brought the kids downstairs.  (Phillip carried Elijah and Mary down so they wouldn't walk in the throw up.)
I was sad that the kids only got a tad of time to play on the playground, but we didn't want to hang around and risk catching what that little boy had.
So, thus, in the midst of all the activity, I didn't get a picture of Phillip. =(
~Sarah, baby and I.~
 ~The kids eating their ice cream treat down stairs.
I'm not sure what this McDs did differently, or maybe it's a higher quality of ice cream here, but Phillip said it was some of the best-tasting soft-serve vanilla ice cream he's eaten.
How we THANK THE LORD that Noah is done with school for this year!!
Kimberly and Sarah are still working away diligently trying to get their schoolwork done in the few days we have left before we fly back to the USA. Your prayers are appreciated! =) ~


Daryl Hausman said...

WAY TO GO NOAH! The pic of you in a tux made me howl laughing... it's cute, but I wasn't expecting that type of a pic at all and then that makes you look a full 3" tall... so funny!=) We are working hard to finish our school hopefully by May 31st if not, then for sure the 1st week of June so we can get your house ready for you!!! Can't wait to enjoy your rope swing with you!!!! Love your Cuz, Bryan!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Happy Day!
Grandpa told me you've now passed him up in school, which made me laugh but he was teasing. He did tell me to tell you he can't wait to see you again.
I think you should save that Tuxedo picture to send out with your 8th grade graduation announcements in the future. People would love it!
I can guess you're likely doing school Paces at night in your dreams, after all the Paces you've been hurridly doing during the past weeks. Just think, now YOU get to be Mommy's helper, since your schoolwork is finished. I know you're anxious to do that! (Just teasing!!!!) With happiness that your schoolwork for this year is finished; LOVE, Grandma and Grandpa Dickinson in Arizona.

lila said...

Congrats to Noah!!!!! The pic of Noah at MD's is cute!! Had to chuckle at Bud's comment. What a hoot he is. Hope no one gets that bug. Love and prayers

Martha S. Bryan said...

Well, I will try again to make a post. Hope it goes through for Noah's sake! I was not able to go to church tonight but Daddy wanted to hear the speaker so he is due home anytime. Just wanted to send congrats to Noah. I was so surprised to see our handsome man in that little man's picture! Looking forward to seeing you all come home! Love, Gram

RicKaren said...

Great job, Noah--and prayers for those who are still working hard!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I've enjoyed catching up with you on your last few blog posts! I'm still homeschooling, too and I know it's hard to keep going even if there is just a little bit left! I loved all the pics! Thanks for sharing! Love, Hannah Klunders

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