Friday, May 16, 2014

~Celebrating our Elijah...part 2~

The other night we were walking home from a park and we passed a man (with his back to us) holding the leash of his Rottweiler dog while chatting with someone else.
He was off the sidewalk and we were on the sidewalk.  We were just calmly walking by when his dog decided to LUNGE at Elijah!
Thank the Lord the man was able to pull his dog away for he was just an inch or so from TEARING INTO ELIJAH'S LITTLE FACE!!!
And Thank the Lord, the leash didn't slip off the man's hand, for the dog nearly knocked the man over he LUNGED SO HARD!
UGH! Scared us half to death!!!
One of our Argentine friends who is a tall grown man said that here those dogs are trained to attack people's faces!!!
He said that when he sees one coming, he doesn't take a chance of being bit...and crosses the street!
Thank you, Dear Jesus for Protecting little 'Lijah!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Two good friends...Mary and Jonathan at the zoo.~

 ~At the zoo Elijah, the birthday boy... got free food to feed the goats.
Phillip went in with them to help them and it's a good thing!
The goats trampled Phillip, stood on Mary's little head, and covered Phillip and the others' clothes with mud (and other things!!!)~
 ~So, the goat feeding didn't last too long, for Phillip helped "rescue the kids" and get them back outside the gate where it was safe. =D~
 ~Here's Kimberly trying to "clean off" the goat mess off of Phillip's clothes!  =)
 ~All the kids on this huge tree.~

 ~Valentina and Sarah in an airplane.~
 ~Mary and Elijah "driving this cute little truck."~
 ~Mr. Leo pushing Mary on the swings.~
 ~Elijah and Jonathan in the airplane.~
 ~THEN...Elijah asked Mommy and baby to get inside that airplane with him.  It was pretty tight, but we made it.  =) ~
 ~Kimberly and Mary in the truck.~
 ~A little "kitty cat" we saw there. =) ~

 ~Elijah and an alligator (behind the glass).~
 ~Sarah and Valen...great friends.~
 ~A fun playground.~

 ~What a beautiful flower.~
 ~Earlier Phillip had asked Elijah to stand in the midst of these bamboo branches to get his picture.
When he entered into the bamboo branches A SMALL TWIG BROKE OFF AND WENT INTO HIS EYE!!!!
He started screaming...
AND We started PRAYING!
Here he stood with a bamboo twig STICKING OUT OF HIS EYE.
Phillip looked closely and saw that it was in between his eye ball and his eye lid.
Thank the Lord Phillip was able to pull it out and his eye is ok.
(Did I mention that that there is NEVER A DULL MOMENT with our little boy!?!)
So, here is the 2nd attempt at taking his picture and you can tell...he didn't feel like smiling! =) ~

 ~Until Caro mentioned Ice cream and he made this face!  =)~

 ~Kimberly, baby and I.~
 ~Phillip, Elijah, baby and I.~
 ~Our kids by the name of the zoo.~

 ~Then in the 45 minute ride home, GUESS WHO FELL SOUND ASLEEP?  The birthday boy!
So, we started his birthday party / supper without him (to let him get a little more rest), and then woke him up in time to eat something quick before we sang to him and had cake and ice cream.~
 ~We ordered in pizza and baked empanadas (filled with meat, chicken, and ham and cheese) from a nice inexpensive carry-out place in front of our house.  (And baby and I had chicken and a salad. =) ~
 ~The kid's table. (Mary fell asleep on the way home too, and never woke up. =( ~
 ~The adults.
U. Charlie and A. Yoli were able to join Leo, Caro, and family and our family that night to celebrate Elijah.~
 ~A very tired Elijah with his cake and candle.~

 ~Just before the volcano candle went out Elijah asked if he could blow it out.  He blew really hard...and it went out about that he was pretty PLEASED With himself for "blowing out the candle!" ~
 ~Then the next day he opened his gifts from us.  Now, I didn't have gift bags, so I just used bags we had around.  These bags make it look like he got BIG gifts...but there were SMALL fun things inside each one.  =) ~
 ~Where's Elijah?
Mary is sitting beside Elijah...who is hiding behind this big gift bag. =) ~

 ~There they are!~
 ~Elijah loves LEGOS, but they are PRETTY pricey we were HAPPY to find this off brand of blocks.~
 ~His other gifts...puzzle, coloring books, drawing paper, and an umbrella.~
 ~These blocks have already provided HOURS of imaginative FUN.  =) ~
 ~Noah (already dressed for bed) has been taking classical guitar lessons and has been practicing the song, "Happy Birthday!" to play for his brother Elijah's birthday.  =)
He did a great job, and Elijah liked it. =) ~
Our first and ONLY piece of mail so far from the USA came from Grandpa and Grandma D. in AZ.
Elijah was thrilled with his card! ~
 ~When U. Charlie and A. Yoli came to Elijah's birthday party they brought 3 boxes of ice cream.  =)
Elijah (and his family) was thrilled!
Elijah had a VERY Happy Birthday!
Thank you to each one for your sweet birthday comments! ~


Kimberly said...

Happy Bday (late) to such a precious young man!
So Very thankful he was spared from that awful dog!!! So scary!! Excited to see that Noah is taking guitar lessons! Love and prayers...

Bryanna Shirk said...

Happy (late) Birthday Elijah!! Thanking Jesus that you are safe!! Sounds like quite the interesting birthday :( But looks like fun otherwise!
Love and prayers!

lila said...

Poor Elijah seems he always gets the bad end of the stick. So thankful the dog didn't get him and that stick didn't put his eye out. Bless his little heart.Maybe Jesus is preparing him to be another Apostle Paul! lol All in all it looks like everyone had a very fun day. Wonderful post. Many prayers and much love to all!!

Martha S. Bryan said...

Heather, will try to leave another post. Elijah is just too cute and it is so scary about his incidents with the dog and stick in his eye. He seems to always be in the midst of problems. Gramp and I say a Happy birthday for now and can't wait until time brings you all home for the new baby. Love, Moma

Aunt Ellen said...

It sounds / looks like everyone had a good day despite the almost-catastrophes -- God is good! Love you all and a belated happy birthday to my grand-nephew Elijah. :)

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