Saturday, May 10, 2014

~Happy Mother's Day~

~Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary in Argentina, 2014.  
(This pic was taken on a Sunday, along with the pic of Phillip and I below.)  We had all gotten dressed and then while walking to catch the bus for church...we realized that we totally coordinated with our greens, blues, and whites without planning it.  =)

God in his infinite wisdom
Came up with a great plan.
He decided to let us Ladies...
Become the "Mother of Man!"

He forms a tiny baby
inside of our womb...
Oh, the MIRACLE as they grow
in their "Womb Room."  =)

God places in our hearts
A love which I can't describe
When once we hold our new one
and hear its first cry!

And from then on our Love
 for this child grows and GROWS!
The sweetness of this bond
Only a Mother knows!

What a privilege to care for
this tiny being,
Who totally depends on ME
to do everything.

And with God's help FORM
this little life for Heaven above,
And guide his feet to walk
in the paths of God's Love!

I wouldn't trade being a Mommy
for anything you see...
and I'm VERY BLESSED with
the 6 "kids" God has given me!   =)
                                                          ~written by Heather in Argentina 2014

I have wanted to be a wife and Mommy since I was 3!!!  I well remember playing with my baby dolls and taking OH SUCH GOOD CARE OF THEM...dreaming of the day (far away) that I would hold my VERY OWN REAL BABY!  =)
I do NOT take it for granted that God saw fit to BLESS me by making me a Mommy...when He sent us our very first little dolly back in 1998. (And we count the other 5 that He has sent us JUST AS SPECIAL! =)
I'll never forget the tears that filled my eyes as I held Kimberly's perfectly formed fingers in mine and looked into her VERY BLUE EYES for the first time!
WOW!  What a God that can make such a sweet "miniature person" that we call a BABY!
Having been an aunt since I was 16, while in the hospital taking care of our baby Kimberly I caught myself saying,
"Don't's OK, AUNT HEATHER..." and then I stopped...and said, "OOPS! I mean M.O.M.M.Y. is right here!"  =)
But as I wrote in my Mother's day card to my Moma...I'm SURE that I would never have spent all that time dreaming of being a wife and Mommy...had I not had SUCH A WONDERFUL EXAMPLE whom I call "Moma" to make me long to fulfill that dream!
Because she LOVED Jesus and taught me to do so, and LOVED, FLIRTED WITH (and still does!!! =), and respected my Daddy, and because of her patience and love in raising Andrew, Lincoln, Laura, and I...she made Wifehood and Motherhood look so put in me a desire to walk in her foot steps. =) I have 3 (soon to be 4) girls WATCHING ME...I trust that Jesus helps me to be the good example that my Moma has been / is to me!
What a DEAR Moma God gave me!
I love you, Moma, and though I'm far away today, I wish you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
God has also blessed my life with a dear Mother-in-love.  I love Mom D. just as if she were my very own Mom...Wait...she is...she became so back in June 1995.  =)
She and Dad D. did a CRACK BANG JOB raising their son...whom I call my sweetheart!
No man (or lady) is perfect, but my Phillip is as near perfect as one could get!  =)  I love him more each year!
I love you, Mom D. and I trust that you have a Very Happy Mother's day!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~My Sweetheart Phillip, baby, and I ...Buenos Aires, Argentina, March, 2014.
I asked WHEN Mother's day is here in Argentina and learned that it isn't until October!  Do you think that I could convince my family to celebrate ME twice this year?  Hee! Hee!~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Wherever YOU are today, if God has blessed you and made you a Mommy...
May you have a VERY BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!  =)


lila said...

Happy Mother's Day Sweet Heather, Not only are you an example to your daughters but to many other ladies as well. You and your husband have mentored us and we greatly appreciate it. Also your precious Moma and Daddy also have to be included. Trust you have a wonderful Lord's Mother's Day!! P.S. good poem!

RicKaren said...

Loved reading your Mother's Day tribute! We are blessed ladies who were taught to love motherhood!

Heather said...

Hi there! My name is Heather and I was hoping you could answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

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