Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~Our Romantic Get-away!!~

Life has kept me RUNNING!!!  
Last week Phillip and I were gone for 3 days (Mon-Wed.), then on Thursday night was a Ladies night out with our church ladies.  We were supposed to bring a White Elephant gift, a drink, and a covered dish.  
I didn't want to bring a tacky white Elephant gift, and I did NOT have anything in my house that I wanted to give away...=), so my Thursday was pretty much taken up with making up some little burlap stockings in which I tucked a little money for Starbucks in them, and added some candy all for my White Elephant gift, then made my food and drink, and ran out the door.  (Pics coming later.)  
Then on Friday, we had our 2 Pastors and families, and our director of Music and family over for dinner.  (Pics coming later.)
Then Saturday we went over to help and be with my Daddy and Moma, and of course Sunday we went to church.  Here's some pics from WHERE I WAS LAST MONDAY--WEDNESDAY!!  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Jesus and some of our DEAR friends made it possible for Phillip and I to spend a couple nights in Serenity Log Cabins as a gift for my 40th birthday.  
Here we are leaving our house and heading to Hillsboro!!~
 ~When we came into Hillsboro, OH, we quickly ran to a consignment store and a couple antique type stores.  Then since we knew that the cabin has a microwave, toaster oven, small 'fridge and freezer, and coffee pot...we went to a grocery store and picked up things to cook/eat at the cabins, so that we didn't have to go anywhere on Tuesday.  (Can you tell we were NEEDING A BREAK from all the RUNNING we normally do? =)
When we woke up the next morning....this is what we saw out the back door of the cabins!!!   SNOW!!!!!  YEA!!!!!  Thank you, Dear Jesus, for the F.U.N. Snow!!!~
 ~I just read my Bible and devotional book, and then wrote in my journal, drank coffee, and looked at Christmas magazines nearly ALL THE DAY LONG!!! (Phillip was in "HEAVEN" too, by reading His Bible, Holiness books, and taking a Chilly walk to pray. =) ~

 ~We braved the elements for some quick pics. =) ~
 ~Silly Phillip went out in his bare feet.  BRRRR!~

 ~One thing we love about this cabin are all the FUN personal touches that Gina gives it.  Goblets with Hershey kisses, and tucked behind the white bath robes (that stay with the cabins) is a bottle of sparkling grape juice.~
 ~Isn't it so pretty and romantic?!!~
 ~Fun coffee cups with flavored coffee creamers tucked inside.~
 ~Out for coffee together on Wednesday morning before we left town.  My sweater I'm wearing Phillip brought to me from Colombia.  =) ~
 ~Besides everything else I've been doing, I decided to make some new kitchen curtains.  This is the BEFORE picture.  These apple curtains were on loan to me from a friend.~
 ~I made burlap curtains that I ended up GLUING together, for my sewing machine DIED right when I was going to sew them. =) ~
 ~An up-close pic.~
 ~And the burlap curtain I made for the back door in my kitchen.~
 ~I also NEEDED/Wanted another coat rack for visitor's coats...for we have lots of visitors. 
I didn't have money to go and buy one, so I PRAYED that God would INSPIRE me to come up with a coat rack with something I already have. 
That is when I thought of the OTHER door that matches the one in our living room!!!
 So, I came home, asked Phillip to Please put some antique hooks that we already owned on that door, and Voila....~
 ~We have a New coat rack...with hooks that even little Mary can reach!!!  =) ~


Jonathan and Judith Otto said...

I absolutely LOVE your burlap! I can't have a stitch of burlap in my house, as I am VERY allergic to it. Instant allergy attack=( I'll enjoy your pictures of it though!

lila said...

What a nice get away! Love your curtains and coat hanger. Hope we can visit you all before you leave!! Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Heather, those kitchen curtains are adorable!!! I LOVE them! You NEEDED that get-a-way. I'm thankful that Phillip and you were able to have the luxury of that small bit of restful time together. Due to a bit of stupidity on my part, our computer is down for quite some time. We have to mail it to D.J. so he can fix it for us. I hope your sewing machine is fixable!!! Love, Mom D

Lee Holladay said...

Heather, I love those burlap curtains! Also love the old door that you used for the coat rack and decoration! So clever, my dear! Hugs!

Roseanne said...

Awesome coat hanger. Very cute idea. Your curtains are cute too. Glad you got to get away for your birthday. Looks like a really nice place.

Flowers Family said...

I was excited when I saw your pics about your Romantic Get-away because my hubby and I are going to Serenity Log cabins in 2 weeks for our own 3 glorious days away! So looking forward to it! Glad you had a good time! Enjoy following your blog, keeping up with you and remembering you in prayer! Blessings! ~Liz

Anonymous said...

The sweater Phillip brought to you from Colombia is pretty and looks very warm! Love, Mom D

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