Tuesday, July 6, 2010

~Happy 103rd Birthday!!!!~

Thank you for praying for Daryl and Phillip as they taught the classes on the home last week here in Colombia. They were 4 INTENSE days of classes...starting at 10:00 AM and ending at 6:00 each night. The Lord really helped and we believe God will continue to bless this effort! We all are exhausted, but happy in the Lord! We also Praise the Lord that Daryl arrived back in the USA safely. I'll post pics from last week soon!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It is not often in ones life that they get to wish their Grandma Happy 103rd Birthday!! I am very blessed to have my 2 Grandmothers still living, and in relatively good health! I wish we could be with Grandma Bryan on her special day today, but she would rather us be serving the Lord and obeying his calling! Dear Grandma is a child of God and has been for many years! She is a prayer warrior and has spent MANY HOURS praying for her family, her friends, church workers and missionaries. Only Heaven will reveal all that her FAITHFUL prayers have brought to pass! She loves to hand write letters, and still does that to many! She has supported many missionaries through the years on her meager income! She is an excellent seamstress and still does BEAUTIFUL delicate handwork! She is a great cook and still helps my Moma in the kitchen when she can. Our family is VERY BLESSED to have such a "Mother in Israel" as a part of our family! What a heritage we have! Thank you, Jesus, for giving us such a sweet dear Grandma!
~A picture of my sister Laura, Grandma and I this past Christmas.~
Dearest Grandma,
Happy 103rd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope that your day is VERY SPECIAL! We know that you have already celebrated some with some of our family, but we know that Daddy and Moma will make today special for you too! We are sending lots of hugs and kisses your way from your family here in Colombia! (Even our little baby is squirming around in my tummy right now....seeming to tell me not to forget to send his/her love to you, too! Smile!) We are hoping to get to see you soon! Thank you sooo much for all your Love, Prayers and support to our family and other missionaries!
Lots of love from us to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind and true words to Grandma. I could not have had a better and more kind Mother-In-Law, it has been my honor to have her make her home with us for the past 7 1.2 years. Her choice of places to eat for her special day was Long John Silvers. The servers seemed so honored to have her come and made her lunch a gift. Well into her second piece of fish she looked up and smiled with delight saying, "I love this cruchy batter!" We already had celebrated her birthday last week with her first Granddaughter and family, Jesse and Ruthie Garven and Laura Hausman and children with a "homemade" birthday cake and dinner (from scratch ;-) so today it was dinner out with a black raspberry ice cream sandwich for dessert. She will enjoy your post when she comes down for dinner. Your are right that she is delighted to have you serving with your husband in Colombia but will also look forward to seeing you real soon. I Love you, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather and Grandma Bryan,
I am dragging about like a tortoise in responding to this post but my heart remembered dear, OLD (Ha!), Grandma Bryan on her 103rd birthday! Smile.
Grandma Bryan, your life is a silent testimony to the results our choices make in life. You chose to be a Christian, you chose to forgive and remain with your husband, you chose to be a prayer warrior, you chose to live sacrificially, in order to support missions, and you've chosen to be sweet-not grumpy. Now, you are an example of Holiness, you are an example of life-long committment in one's marriage, you are an example of making prayer a regular part of one's life, you are an example of doing without material goods in order to give to God's harvest work, and you are an example of being grateful even during the years that you are not in control of things.
I would like to elaborate further but I'll spare you! Ha!
With love and respect and happiness that I get to be some-what connected to you. Smile.
Heather's mother-in-law,
Sherry in Phoenix

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