Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~Our 2nd Independence Day.~

We are VERY BUSY sorting, organizing, packing, cleaning, running errands, saying goodbyes, etc. Please pray that we can get it all done! Thanks! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
July 20th is Colombia's Independence day. Jimmy and Farly invited our family over for a delicious meal!

~Arroz con leche~ (Yummy Rice with milk.)~
~Then we all cut out Betty Lukens flannelgraph figures. If you have never had the privilege of cutting ALLLLLLL of those'll not know how much your Sunday school teacher/VBS worker LOVES YOU! =) About 11 of us cut for HOURS and we only got 80% done. My finger is still numb, 8 days later! We had a great day listening to beautiful hymns, laughing and fellowshipping together, snacking and cutting, cutting, cutting!~
~Before we started cutting...the HUNDREDS of figures!~

~Poor Farly's house was a disaster filled with flannelgraph scraps EVERYWHERE!!!~
~Jimmy and Phillip kept up with putting each figure in their boxes as we cut them out!~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Poor little 'Calvinetta' is probably dizzy from all the running, bending, and twirling you're doing in preparation for your trip to the States!
I see blackberries in your Arroz con leche. I've been seeing blueberries in my sleep, as dad keeps bringing more of them home from work. Our freezer is FULL of blueberries, and I don't even like them! Right now, I am getting ready to make dad his favorite dessert of Blueberry Boy Bait; which is a type of light coffee cake.
Yuk! on packing those bothersome suitcases for your trip! I hope you can survive the strain. That chore can push a person right over the brink into insanity.
Love, Mom D

Sarah Cook said...

That makes me tired just thinking about it. All that packing... Ron and I have lived in 4 different homes in our 7 years of marriage, and packing is a trip.
We purchased a flannel set a while back, though it is not Betty Lukens, I don't think... it was soooo much to cut! I don't think we actually ever got it completely finished, but almost. My children love flannel graph... and, we sometimes use them at the church, too. They are worth the trouble... try to convince your numb hand of that! HA! Be glad you had help... I think I might have had a teenager from the church come and help me some.
Makes me appreciate those teachers who have gone on before me!

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Packing!!! We will be praying for you.
The Hausman's

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