Saturday, July 24, 2010


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We leave for the USA in just 8 days. Our baby Girl will be born there, Lord willing. (In October.) It is MUCH easier to have our baby be born in the USA. (Not even talking about the medical reasons like: Most doctors here INSIST that all the ladies have to have a c-section, I would have to go in alone, they don't allow the husband to be with the wife, etc! UGH!) =(
Also, If our baby were to be born here in Colombia, we would have to wait weeks, months or even up to a YEAR... to get her paperwork. Which means, that she could NOT enter into the USA until she had her papers. If an emergency arose and we had to go back to the USA before she had her paperwork, our family would have to LEAVE HER HERE. NOT!!!! So, it's just easier to have her in the USA, and get her passport there, and then when we get back here to Colombia we register her here and then she gets her Colombian visa. =D
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~Since we are leaving soon, we have been having lots of company over saying our goodbyes. Here are our good friends Carlos and Gloria that we had over the last Sunday in June!~
~The kids' table~
~Sunday, the 4th we had Jimmy and Farly and their girls over to visit with Daryl and us. Sunday, the 12th, we had a family from the church over for Sunday dinner. We had a great time with them. Here Nubia is helping me in the kitchen.~
~Their daughter, Sarah, and Noah.~
~Us eating Indian fry bread tacos. We had tables setting everywhere. Ha! I miss having my big wooden table that we had in our first house here, but that table took up the whole living room and dinning room in this apartment, so we traded the church that wooden table and chairs for some smaller plastic tables and chairs! =)~

~Then we looked at my scrapbooks. We had a nice visit.~
~Sunday, the 18th, we had another 2 families from the church over.~

~Here are Cindy, Myself, and Doris in the kitchen.~
~Their youngest daughter is named Sarah too, so here is a picture of the 2 Sarah's.~
Now that we have the couples dinner behind us, and we have pretty much had all the company over that we wanted to have over before we left, we can start packing and weighing suitcases to get ready for our big trip! =)


kira said...

Wow Heather , i cannot believe how soon your little girl is due !It barely feel's like any time has passed since you announced you were expecting !

I know from reading older posts in your blog that the journey to the USA is quite stressful especially when you are 7 months pregnant so i will be keeping you all in my prayers .

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Kira said she cannot believe how soon your little girl is due. I cannot believe how many people you have had at your house, and how many people you have fed, recently!
When Phillip found his wife, he found one hard-working little Southern Belle! But, no surprise when we look at your Moma, Martha, and at your grandmother, GG! Bless your dear, sweet, little (I mean BIG!), heart!
Mom D

lila said...

Sherry's post is precious and I have to day diddo's. I totally agree with her. You all are so awesome. I am so excited about you all being in the usa again so soon. Looking forward to seeing you all. love you tons

Vanessa Froelich said...

Will you be doing any deputation services while you are in the states? I am sure our church would love to have you all for a service.

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