Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~Our 4th of July~

~I made 72 Rice Krispy treats to pass out at church. I decorated the tops of them as a flag.~
~Our 4th of July flowers, cake and jello.~
~A fun red, white, and blue layered jello that we made for our 4th of July celebration (that took nearly all day to wait for each layer to set before adding the next color. =)~
~Our flag cake~~Sarah brought her violin to church to play with Kimberly. It was fun playing together.~
~The Lord helped Daryl preach and Phillip translate.~
~Here I am passing out the Patriotic Rice Krispy treats to our church people as they left the church.~
~Our family and Daryl in our red, white and blue.~
~Our 4th of July table, complete with a strawberry on each glass.~
~The kid's table.~
~Our table~
We really enjoyed having a fellow American here to celebrate 4th of July with us! We had a great day with Daryl, Jimmy, Farly and their 2 girls.

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Daryl Hausman said...

Your Celebration Desserts and tables are again A+ Tops! Cute Ideas and I loved getting to see you all. I TOTALLY forgot it would be the 4th when packing for Daryl... sorry he looks like he's in mourning in his black and grey! Yikes! I'll try to do better next time! :)
love ya more than words can express!
Laura and family

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