Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Happy Anniversary Daddy and Moma!!~

Thank you for your sweet comments about the Lord providing a house for our family. Like some have mentioned, it does need a lot of work! We will probably be working on it for several days/weeks before we can move into it. PLEASE PRAY that we can get it live-able and get settled in our house in the short time we will have before our baby is due. THANKS!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Congratulations to my Daddy, and Moma on their 49th Wedding Anniversary!!! YEA!! Wow! That is a long time to stay faithful in this day and age where couples change mates like they do shoes. Thank you, Daddy and Moma for staying faithful to God and to each other! Thank you for staying in LOVE and being such a great example to us kids! All the pats, hugs and kisses that we saw through the years, made us want to find a good mate and do the same. =) (I'm thrilled with the mate that God has given to me. =D) We love you both tons and hope that your day is very SPECIAL!
~This picture was taken in the airport as we said goodbye last January.~

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~A few weeks ago, I was THRILLED to find spray whipped topping in a store here. I've never seen it here before. I was able to get light whipped topping, so baby and I can enjoy an occasional treat in our coffee too. The price looks a little on the high side, because it is in pesos. I didn't pay 8 thousand dollars for it, I promise. =D That price equals about $4.50.~
~What a yummy combo!! Coffee, whipped topping, and one of my cappuccino muffins. =)~
My brother-in-law Daryl arrived Monday night to teach another block of classes here in Colombia. We thank the Lord that he arrived safely! These classes are on the Godly Home! Please pray for Daryl as he teaches (and for Phillip as he translates). We are asking God to make these classes a blessings to our people and to their Homes. A church body is made up of individual homes. If God isn't #One and working in each of our homes, then a lot of times our churches aren't what they should be either. May God help us each one and our homes to be what He wants us/them to be! =)


Anonymous said...

Hello Heather, it has been too long since I have read up on how things are going for you and the family. I must agree 100% God must be the ruler of our homes, He is able to take care of any situation. He loves us and wants whats best for us and our families. I have faith that God will speak right into Daryel's heart and help your husband translate to the families, I am going to Praise God right now, knowing He can and He will!
WOW what a wonderful gift from our Lord, a house of your own and by your sister (couldn't get any better than that) and as they say look out there goes the neighborhood :D of course in a good way :-)
Well just want you to know I am praying for you and will enjoy seeing you.
Love you

lila said...

Very good post. Oh how we need Godly families. So sad how there is such a lack of them. We appreciate you and your Godly example. Will be praying for your house. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I typed this wonderful comment for you; pushed a key on the keyboard, and it totally disappeared. Now, ain't that special!
I'm too tired to start over again, so I'll bid you goodnight and tell you I enjoyed seeing your anniversary wishes to your dear and wonderful parents. It's nearly 50 years for them. Horrors! They are getting OLD! Ha!
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

thank you Heather for remembering Daddy and I on our special day. God led all the way as I waited on the Man of His choice for me. The love and intigrity of such a man as your Daddy is rare and I value the treasure that found me! I love you, Moma

PS Please tell Mom Dickinson that only old people are married for fifty years and we are not there yet! :-) We were just children in love!

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