Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~Our Mother's Day Service~

Thank you for your nice comments on my scrap-booking pages. Thank the Lord, Phillip got home safely last Monday. Unfortunately he is very sick today. Please pray he gets better, for we have lots to do this week. Phillip is to teach and preach Saturday and Sunday also.
Last Thursday night after church while we were visiting with each other, the lights of the church went out and there were lots of sparks coming from the light post outside. Bro. Jimmy called the electric company and they said that there was a power outage in lots of homes. They said that they were so far behind that they wouldn't get to our church UNTIL Sunday MORNING!! How sad! Here we had this special Mother's day service planned and needed electricity for that. So, I told Bro. Jimmy that I was going to pray that God would help our church to get moved up on the list and that they would come and fix it Saturday night. Sure enough, our Awesome God worked, and they fixed the electricity at the church on Saturday evening.
We had a special day at church. Here are some pictures.
~To celebrate the day, Jimmy and Farly got 2 cakes made with our Christian Nation Church symbol on them. They used these as the arrangement to decorate the front of the church, but the cakes were moved elsewhere to serve after church. ~
~The top cake says, "Happy Mother's day" and the bottom cake says, "Happy Birthday, 3 years, Christian Nation Church." The church here in Bogota was celebrating it's 3rd anniversary. I thought that the cakes turned out really pretty.~
~Thank you to those of you who remembered to pray for me as I spoke to our Mothers this past Sunday. The Lord really helped me and my Spanish. =)~

~A couple weeks ago when Farly was at our house, I had Elijah strum his guitar and sing "Jesus Loves Me" in English for her. She Loved it. A few days later she asked that He sing it for our special Mother's day service. Bro. Jimmy announced that we were going to be favored with a special from one of our oldest, and wisest members, the one who had the most gray hair...and then called for Elijah to come up. =) Kimberly held him and sang in his ear so he didn't get side tracked with all of the people watching him, and walking around with their cellphones and cameras taking his picture. In all the excitement he forgot to strum his guitar, but the Lord helped him and he sang the song all the way through. =) ~
~Here's a picture of us Mothers with the pretty handmade flowers that our kids made for us in Sunday school. We also received a yummy choc. sucker.~


kira said...

Soooo adorable Elijah , any chance anyone got him on video ?

I am glad that you had a good day and your cake look's brilliant .

lila said...

Very Nice!!!!

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