Friday, June 4, 2010

~Noah's last day of kindergarten!!~

Yesterday I went to my doctor's appointment. I was very excited for I'm measuring 23 weeks (right on schedule), and I haven't even gained an ounce since last month. YAY! That means that so far it appears that I don't have trouble with sugar. (Because when I was expecting Elijah, I measured 9 months when I was 7 months, which means that I had lots of extra fluid from trouble with sugar.) I'm going to try to keep eating carefully and walking and hopefully baby and I will not have gestational diabetes this time. I also notice that my baby bump isn't as big this time around. PRAISE THE LORD! Thank the Lord, Phillip is feeling much better!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Look who finished kindergarten? YAY! I started teaching him on Feb. 3rd, and then on Feb. 4th is when we found out the exciting news about our 5th baby. So, between the health scares for baby and I, bed rest, doctor's appointments, etc. God has really helped us and Noah finished last Thursday, May 27th! We plan to have a graduation and luncheon for him soon.
~Noah's last day.~
~We made a little clown ice cream man to celebrate Noah's last day.~There is a park here in Bogota called "The National Park". However, this is where we took Sarah's pictures with her kindergarten graduation cap and gown on, so ever since then our kids have called it "The Graduation Park." Now that it was Noah's turn to get his pictures taken, I knew it would never do for us to take them anywhere else but the graduation park. =D So, We ran to that park and God gave us a clear day and we got lots of fun pics. After wards we let the kids play and Kimberly and Phillip took a hike. The girls have a few more weeks, but God is helping them plug along on their schoolwork. It was hard to keep up with their studies as much as we wanted to while traveling last fall to 40 different churches while on our deputation. (Including 2 in Canada.) =)
~Our little Noah in his cap and gown.~

~Noah and his sisters and silly brother. Don't ask me what made Elijah cross his arms. He was cracking us up.~
~We got Elijah a new hat and wanted to get some pictures of him in it with this outfit. He reminded us of Cat in the Hat. =)~

~Tired little Elijah wanted his Daddy to "Hold you" so Phillip let him wear his hat on the way home. =)~

We are trying to plan Noah's graduation for a time that works well for all of our guests to come, so Lord willing, I'll post pics of Noah's graduation as soon as we have it.


Daryl Hausman said...

A. Heather,
I Love the pictures of Noah and the rest!
Congratulations Noah!
We love and miss ya'll lots!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your blog, Heather.
The graduation pics are cute! Our little Madison graduated from Kindergarten this year too. :)

Katrina (Hodge) Paulus

Janie said...

Noah is so cute in his cap and gown! Loved all your pics and the update. I can't beleive Elijah is singing in church already -- that is awesome!

Daryl Hausman said...

Dearest Dickinsons,
I love the pic of Phillip walking away with Elijah on his shoulders. Brittany said that would make a cute black and white photo too! Love you all! CONGRATULATIONS, Noah!

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! I appreciate you guys in your love for the Lord and each other -- it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Noah for a job well done. And should I say congratulations for Mommy and Baby as well! So glad that you all have made that goal. Noah's pictures are good and he is a handsome gratuate. Love from a Gram whose "body clock" is stuck somewhere between here and North Pole, AK. I love you all, Moma

lila said...

What adorable boys!!! Congrats Noah on all the hard work. All the pics are so adorable. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Noah looks so adorable in his cap and gown!!! I could not believe that picture of Elijah because Levi does that same exact pose with his little arms crossed. Are you sure we weren't seperated at birth and they are really cousins:)lol Love you, Susanna

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