Friday, June 18, 2010

~Our Fun Family Day~

--Thank you for your sweet comments on Noah's graduation. The Lord and my family REALLY helped me to get it all done. =)
--Thank you also for praying for Phillip while he is in Argentina and the kids and I here. Phillip is doing ok, though at times he feels overwhelmed being in a city of 12 million souls, wondering how little ole' us can make a difference. But then he remembers that the same God that is calling us there, will be faithful to guide us to the souls that he wants us to touch. =) He is finding the culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina much more European rather than like Colombia or Costa Rica.
--The Lord is helping me get lots of 2009 pictures scrapbooked, which was my goal while Phillip was gone. And the girls are working faithfully on their schoolwork. Kimberly completed one of her goals, and Sarah finished Math for the whole year! Now, she just has to focus on the other 4 subjects. =) She is hoping to be done before June 28th.
~The other day we had a nice family day. Phillip and the boys went to a bakery and went "out for coffee". =) Here they are before we parted ways.~
~The girls and I walked another block or two down the road and had a "ladies day out" in a litle fancy shop. We each got a dessert and a fun coffee to drink. When Phillip and the boys arrived I winked at Phillip and asked him if he had had a nice "man to man talk and time out with the boys." =D~
~Then we crossed the street and let the kids play at the park.~

~We had brought this huge garbage bag of our bedspread and clothes to drop off at the dry cleaners. (Due to our leaking roof and humidity in our closets, etc.) Our luck, they were closed for the day. =( So we ended up carrying that bag with us everywhere we went. Here Phillip and Elijah are using it as a pillow. =)~
~And Elijah enjoyed sitting on top of it in the stroller.~
After the park, I got to pick up my 2009 pictures from the store, went home and organized them, and the next day I got to start scrapbooking them. My dear director's wife Sis. Becker and her sister-in-law Mrs. Joan went shopping together last year and got me some ADORABLE pages, stickers, ribbons, stamps, etc. which I'm loving using to brighten up my scrapbook pages.
Fun, Fun, Fun! =)
Now...I'm heading to start scrapbooking again. I'm hoping to finish through Aug. 3rd, 2009 before Phillip gets home next Tuesday. (Our family left for the USA on Aug. 4th, 2009.)
~Adios! =)~


Sarah Cook said...

Your little boy is soooo adorable! You have beautiful children. I appreciate your blog... It inspires me to be a better mommy and wife... I wish you could give me lessons on sewing and baking... I have tried, but I have a long way to go.

sherryldickinson said...

Now, that was really 'special' you got to haul around that bag of laundry all day on your Family Day! Ha!
So many pictures of Phillip that I see on your blog reminds me SO MUCH of my mom's brother, my Uncle Danny, when U Dan was a young man, Phillip's age.
I can imaging how inspired Phillip's heart was after that 'man to man' talk he had with his boys at the coffee shop. lol!
I LOVED this new post, and I absolutely adore the way you two adults take time with your children. How do you spell love?--T-I-M-E!
Your mother-in-law,
Mom D

Making Memories 1999 said...

Wish we lived closer and could scrapbook together! =) What fun we would have! Blessings!!

lila said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful family day all but packing that bag Love your blog and love you tons

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