Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Happy Father's Day~

~36 years ago God gave me a nice Daddy. =) (I guess it was more like God gave but hey, you know what I mean. =) This man is one of the most studied men I know. He doesn't waste a minute. He is always reading and studying his Bible and learning more about God's Word. My Daddy is very educated and LOVES books!! (I married a man just like him. =)
When I was growing up one thing that drove me crazy was asking Daddy a question. If I asked a question about History, we had to go to the encyclopedia and look up the answer. If I asked a question about a map, we had to go and get the globe. If I asked how to spell a word or what it meant, we had to go and get the dictionary. But...I learned a lot during those years. The main thing I learned was to ASK MOMA...she'd give me the quick answer I wanted. HA!!!! =D Daddy, I love you TONS and I thank you for being so wise, so educated, and loving Jesus and your family sooo much. Thank you for always being there when I need you. Thank you for your prayers for our family! Thank you for loving my Phillip as your son! I hope that you have a wonderful Father's day! xoxoxo
~Gramp reading 3 of his 17 grandkids a story.~

~In 1995 God gave me another nice Daddy. This is the Daddy of my sweetheart Phillip. Back in 1991 I came to visit God's Bible School and one of my GBS friends and I were looking for a place to sit during lunch. All of the sudden she said, "Let's sit with our new maintenance man and his wife...they are so sweet." That new maintenance man and wife ended up being who I now call "Dad and Mom Dickinson." So, when I came to school in the Fall of 1992 I felt like I knew Dad and would always greet him when I saw him out on campus. He later teased me that I KNEW that he had a son my age who was interested in and was watching me. BUT I DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE! =D I knew he had a younger son, for Michael and I worked together in the kitchen. I'll be FOREVER GRATEFUL that I learned that he did have a son my age!!! =) Dad is one of the most intellegent men I know when he comes to fixing anything...and I mean ANYTHING! I don't know much he can't do. God has really given him a talent. When he was 8 or 9 years old he took the engine out of his family car, fixed it and put it back in. =D Dad, I love you. Thank you for accepting me as your daughter! Have a super Father's day!
~Grandpa and Grandma with 6 of their 7 grandchildren. (The other one is still in my tummy.=)

~In 1998 God gave Phillip and I a baby. We were soooo happy with our first little baby girl, Kimberly. Since then, God has BLESSED our home with Sarah, Noah, Elijah and baby! =)
Phillip, you are a wonderful Daddy! You love your children more than life itself. Thank you for every diaper you have changed, haircut you have given, outfit you have put on, hug you have given, and prayer you have prayed!

~Our Daddy~
Boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.
Our Daddy is made of saws, hammers, and nails.
Reading and studying God's Holy Word each day.
And looking to Jesus for guidance along the way.

Fasting and praying that His children make it to Heaven.
(Kimberly, Sarah, Elijah, baby, and Noah Evan. =)
Taking time to read the kids a bed time story.
Bending down to kiss a hurt knee that's gory.

Always loving his children and showing them that he cares.
Being faithful to read the Bible and have family prayers.
Spending family days together and having a great time.
Being the BEST Daddy in the indicated in this ryhme. =)
~Heather, June 19th, 2010!~

Phillip...Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, baby and I love you bunches! We MISS you while you are in Argentina! We hope that you have a very special Father's day there where you are. Hurry home to us on Tuesday and we'll treat you special! =) xoxoxo!!
~My sweetheart! Taken in Colombia!~


Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather for the nice words written for the three most important men in your life. Oops I forgot Andrew, Lincoln and Michael!!!!! ;-) Your choice of pictures is nice, I like the one of Phillip in the lovely tree. I gave Daddy a kiss this morning and thanked him for the four children he gave to me. I shared with the congregation in our special service this morning that it was a man like my Daddy that I looked for in the man I would stand beside for life. I found him or should I say that he finally found me! Happy Father's Day Phillip. I love you all, Moma

Liz said...

Had to smile at the part about your daddy - I heard a preacher say "My kids say if they asked what time it is, I would tell them how to build a clock." :>)

sherryldickinson said...

I just remembered to look at your Father's Day post! So, I told Dad that he needed to come see what you had written for Father's Day. We read this together and had great enjoyment doing it. I loved hearing about your father but laughed aloud when I read "ask Moma...she'd give me the quick answer".
And, you and Bethie are the reason we made a major decision to move East. We wanted our boys to find a good wife when it came time for them to marry. Dad and I could ask for no better girls, nor do we know any girls that we could love better than you and Bethie. You two are the prettiest, the sweetest, the most fun, and our favorite girls on earth. (Then, our granddaughters come next. Ha!) It has been pure comfort to our hearts knowing that Phillip has you, and Michael has Bethie.
Dad & I had fun reminiscing, while reading what you wrote about him and we loved the kind poem you wrote about your husband.
And, Heather, the very best thing you have given dad for Father's Day is your faithful love for Phillip and your children. We could ask for nothing better.
Phillip and Michael are our boys, and Heather and Bethie are our girls. We are blest and happy parents!
Love, Mom and Dad D

Angie Davis said...

Happy Father's Day (rather belated) to your faraway family!

I love reading about different daddys, since none of them are ever the same. I've also met your father and he seems like a wonderful man.

Blessings to your family today!

Martha C said...

I have enjoyed your last few posts, Heather. Blessings on more years of marriage! I really appreciate your attitude toward your husband; it is so refreshing. I love the kind Father's Day words as well.

Martha C said...

I had to laugh about the long answer part, too. My dad is the same way! I think it has to be the teacher part in them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,

Thank you for the nice post for Dad D, Dad B, and me. I love you and our children dearly and can hardly wait to see you all tomorrow, the Lord willing.


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