Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~I had a special Mother's day!~

I had a doctor's appointment this week for baby! The doctor was very pleased and said that all seems to be going great! Praise the Lord! I'm happy for I have only gained 8 lbs. so far and I'm 5 months along! =) The doctor said that it appears that I don't have diabetes right now. YEA! He will do the sugar test at a later date, for it's too early to do it yet! I'm trying to be careful of my carb and sugar intake!! Baby is moving all around and I'm loving feeling he/she doing it's "stoutness exercises." =D I'm soooo glad that God healed the problem with the placenta and that baby seems to be doing great! Thank you again for all your prayers!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~I hope that all of my blogging buddies had a wonderful Mother's day! I had a delightful day with my family! I am a very blessed Wife and Mommy! =) We had a very good church service and the Lord really helped Bro. Jimmy to preach an excellent sermon on keeping the joy of the Lord in ALL circumstances! It was good!
So far I haven't been able to find blueberries here. But some parts of the year this little tart berry is in season. So, we got some on Saturday and I used them to make these "blueberry muffins" for our Mother's day breakfast and we loved them.~~Five Reasons that make me smile!! (The 6th reason is my sweetheart, pictured in our family picture above! But he was actually the FIRST reason that I smiled...and then came the other 5. =)~
~Our Sunday dinner was steaks, baked potatoes, a yummy cabbage/pineapple/peach salad, fresh pineapple juice to drink and later we had dessert! ( I was too tired to make rolls!=)~
~This was our Mother's day dessert! Very simple, but light and DELICIOUS! I just baked a white cake in 2 layers, mixed up vanilla pudding and coolwhip for the frosting. Then I put some frosting and sliced bananas and sliced strawberries in between the 2 layers. Put more frosting on top and the strawberries. Then Phillip wrote "Mom" with cold choc. syrup. And you can serve with more choc. syrup if you want to. It was soooo fresh and yummy, that you just HAD to have a second piece. =)~
~I got several nice gifts for Mother's Day! Here is one of them! =)~
~Occasionally when I bake cookies or something, I take a plate to our single lady neighbor! On Mother's day, she remembered me and bought me this nice little orange flavored cake. It was very good! How sweet and thoughtful.~
~Phillip wrote me a VERY touching blog post on our family blog (Dickinson Journey, which is also linked at the top of my blog to the right!) Reading it brought tears to my eyes! I am blessed by God with such a wonderful husband! He bought me the long white skirt that I wore on Mother's day (you can see it in the picture of the kids and I above, and in our family picture!), the flowers for our center piece on our table, and 3 yummy Reeses candy bars! I plan on sharing those candy bars with my family for baby and I don't need all of that sugar. =) God has given us 5 precious children! All 4 kids (who can write now) wrote me nice cards! A lady at church gave me the rose! My Moma called me and we had a nice chat Sunday night. (Our internet is not strong enough for me to call out, so she had to call me. =) Laura also called me, but I was napping and missed her call. =(
So you see, I had a very wonderful day!
~Being a Mother is one of the highest Privileges that God ever gave anyone!!~


Angie Davis said...

Happy Mother's Day from another blessed momma far away!

Kimberly said...

so thankful to hear the excellent news about your pregnancy...and glad to see you had such a nice Mother's Day with your sweet family! You deserve it!!

thanks for your prayers...that really means a lot to Wonderful it would be to have lunch together!!:) love to you all...

Gayle said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mothers day! I love the pictures and the food looks delicious! Thanks for the nice email you sent me.
Love Ya!

Daryl Hausman said...

Waiting for the Birthday Pics of sweet Whyjay!!! Happy Birthday lil guy! I was just reading over my prayer journal this day of his birth, now 2 years ago. What a special answer to prayer he was for this Auntie's heart... let alone the Mommy who was crying out to Jesus too and a Daddy so far away begging Jesus to be with his precious wife! We love you all and Miss you much. I'm planning on JUST KEEPING YOUR 4 THIS TIME AROUND, okay?! I like cooking and such like rather than Due-la work! :) Love you lots, Laura

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