Saturday, May 8, 2010

~Happy Mother's Day!~

I LOVE the privilege that God has given me to be a Mommy! Thank you, Jesus, for Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and baby! =)

~My Moma!~
Oh, where, oh where would I be without my Mother?
Now I know you just rolled your eyes and said, "OH BROTHER!" =)
But, hey you need to keep reading this you see...
To see where I'm heading with my poetry!

Of course, it doesn't take a genius to know
That without her I wouldn't be on this earth below.
But I was referring to all that she has taught me.
Our home was a sewing center, a culinary art school, and a bakery!

When God was passing out talents, He gave her quite a few!
Others have called her "The Martha Stewart of our movement" too.
Anything that Moma touches turns to pure Gold.
God even gave her a hair color where she'll never grow old! =)

She taught me how to be a good wife and Mother!
And to put Jesus first and then comes others!
She showed me how to set a pretty table.
And to depend on God...He is more than able!!

She's great with her 17 grandchildren who call her "Gram"
She loves "PORKY THE PIG" in forms of bacon and ham!! =D
She's gladly stood by her man..wherever God led
Winning the hearts of their people with her homemade bread!

She's touched lots of lives in several different states
And through it she's learned to cook all kinds of plates!
So you see her life lessons have been invaluable to me!
I love you Moma, you're the BEST!...signed...your baby!
~Heather May 2010~

~My Mother-in-law~
Now my 2nd Mother I haven't known as long
But she's still special to me, don't get me wrong.
I first met this dear lady 18 years ago.
And we've had many special times I want you to know.

She's the Mom of the wonderful man whom I married.
My Phillip near her heart--for 9 months was carried.
She (& Dad) raised him to love Jesus, and taught him to pray---
Knowing him like I do-They did a great job I'd say.

His parents taught him to work and work hard too.
He's a HUGE help around our house I'm telling you!
I'm sure it wasn't easy to raise a son to "give away"
Dad and Mom, I THANK YOU!! We'll have to do it too someday!

Thank you for accepting and loving me like your girl.
You are the best and sweetest Mother-in-law in the world.
Mom, I love you and hope your day is as special as you are.
I wish we could be together- but Col. to AZ. is a tad far! Smile!
~Heather May 2010~


Daryl Hausman said...

Aww! How sweet Heather! I'm glad someone can write pretty verses in our family! My Roses are Red are pretty much as far as I go! Love your sister and a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU!!! Love ya, Laura

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather, what a wonderful way to say Happy Mother's Day in rhyme! As you know that is NOT one of my talent, you had to get that from you Daddy. Your rhyme for Mom Dickinson is special as well. Thank you again for taking the time to put your heart on "paper". I treasure the handwritten book of the rhymes that you wrote and gave me some years ago. I fear that you never will have time to add all the rest you have written since with five little ones to care for. I tell you what, you come home and I will cook, clean and feed everyone while you catch my book up for me. How thankful we are that God sent you to us to make the perfect family of two wonderful sons and two wonderful daughters. I loved watching you grow into the men and women you are today. B-u-t sometimes I do miss those little boys and little girls. I am glad that God has given you all your own and I can watch them grow and remember the days that have passed. I love you, Moma

Dorcas said...

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and are feeling well! Thinking of you in Grand Cayman!

sherryldickinson said...

Hi Heather! I just now read this Mother's Day post on your blog. You are one creative girl! I so enjoyed the kind poem you wrote about your mother, and my heart was also touched by the beautiful words you wrote in your poem for me. Thank you for taking precious time to reflect and write those verses about your mother-in-law. I was surprised and happy to receive this poem from you.
I have always been glad when I remember the time that Matt Johnson told Phillip, "You would really like this girl I know, named Heather." Whoever would have dreamed that girl would become our creative, hard-working, and loved daughter-in-law?
You add sunshine to our lives and we are grateful for you.
With love,
Mom and Dad D

lila said...

Very sweet poetry. I agree with your poems. Your moma and mother-in-law are both very special to me. Hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!! love you tons

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