Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~Happy Birthday, Daddy~

Listen awhile and I'll tell you about my Dad.
He's the best Dad a girl has ever had.
He's medium height with graying hair
And we kids/grandkids know that he is always fair.

He is a preachers' preacher and loves God's Word
He's one of the best preachers I have ever heard.
He spends hours a day studying our heavenly road map
The men in our family often call his knowledge to tap.

He is a prayer warrior and loves to write poems
Has written many songs about families, God and homes.
He married Moma some 47 1/2 years ago
And He loves her WAY MORE now than then, I know!

After his love for Jesus, Moma and all 8 of us
(we 4 kids and our mates)
He loves all 16 of his grandkids...Wow! We need a family bus. =)
He's written 3 books and is working on his 4th (and more)
He was born in Ohio which is found in the North.

He has pastored in several different cultures...ie States
And his cars have displayed their many different plates.
He enjoys nature, hikes, mountains and taking walks
And likes it when we kids call home...for LONG talks.

One day in the Smokies he stared down a bear.
He's a carpenter...I well remember when he built some stairs. =)
He's my Daddy, He is the Best.
I'm glad that I was born into "his nest".

He uses his talents to help others
His friends, family, kids, Fathers and Mothers
To want to live for God and make Heaven our home
This is a "Thank you for being a sweet Daddy poem." =)
Heather Bryan Dickinson 2/10/09

Happy Birthday, Daddy...Feb. 11th!
Trust your day is as special as you are. We love and miss you!


lila said...

Great poem Heather. Your Dad is a wonderful man. I'm privileged to know him and am looking so forward to having him and your moma in our home this weekend. Happy happy birthday Bro. bryan!!!!!!!!!!!

sherryldickinson said...

Brother Bryan, Heather's poem about you made me cry. I am grateful that Jesus gave our Phillip a father-in-law of such great integrity. And, I guarantee you, no son-in-law could appreciate you more than Phillip does.
You are my hero, and I admire you for consistently following Jesus as you have.
Keep looking up to Jesus-the author and finisher of our faith.
With gratitude to be your friend,
Sherry and Bud Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Great writing Little "Girl of ours not just the verse is good but the content as well. Wish I could say that you got your talent from me but all in our family will know better, ;-) I guess if anyone could stand by this truth about your Daddy it is me. I am so glad that he made me his "Quote" (don't you wish you knew what that word stands for)over 47 years ago and love him more this birthday than any of his other. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Your wife and Heather's Moma

Joe said...

Yes. I remember that. I was about 10 when we moved there and 14 when we left. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I enjoy hearing from people and it's always more fun when I can make a connection and know who it is.

Ronda said...

What a neat poem about your wonderful Dad....very interesting! Loving, Christian Dads are blessings from God. Hope that he has a special year!

Anonymous said...

dear sweet daddy,
How I love you! Thanks Heather for such a beautiful poem about OUR Daddy! He is the dearest any girl would ever want. Love, your other little girl with NO POEM Writin' ability... :) Laura

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