Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Our Abraham Lincoln celebration~ we celebrated Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday today. (See below post for more details!)
I went to google and googled "Abraham Lincoln Desserts" and an interesting sight came up.
We found out that Abraham Lincoln's favorite beverage was: WATER
And His all time favorite dessert was: APPLE PIE
So, I decided that we would make that for our dessert on his special day. (I know that his apple pie was probably a normal apple pie, but I've been wanting to make Fried apple pies for quite some time, so I made those!)

I was going to make a normal little lunch, but I wanted to make it sound special. So, as Noah and I were walking the mile to the grocery store (and the mile back) I was thinking of names for our lunch. This is what I came up with.

We ate:
Abe's Awesome Quesadillas
President's *pasabocas [Doritos] (*Spanish for snacks or finger foods)
16th President Banana salad
Slavery Abolisher Salsa
Oval Office Orangeade
American Apple Pie
(You can laugh, for we laughed at my goofy names too =)

Here are some pics.
~Our table with our food.~
~Since I have been sewing on our dinning room table, we made tables in the garage for our little "Abraham Lincoln Lunch". =) Phillip, Kimberly and my table.~
~Sarah and Noah's table~
~The kids drew a picture of "Abraham Lincoln". From L to R: Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah's version. =)~
~Yummy Fried apple pies...but I baked ours =)~
~American Apple pies~
We had a fun day!


Denise said...

You are so clever! I think that is neat to celebrate such a godly man this way. You're an awesome homeschool mom - thinking of everything! Have a wonderful weekend!

Michele said...

What a great idea! Everything looks yummy and I loved the Abe artwork!

Dorcas said...

What a neat celebration you all had. Everything looks so nice!!

Charity said...

Too fun!!!

~Regina~ said...

What a neat idea! It like you all had fun and the food looks yummy! The drawings on the cups were cute!

I understand what you mean about sewing on your dining room table. That happens at our home sometimes! So much sewing stuff on the table that we have no room to eat! You did a great job improvising!

Kim M. said...

I love it! That's creativity!

Vonnie said...

What an awesome idea! I loved your mom's "baked" fried apple pies. I guarantee you they were better that the real fried ones! (and better for you)

lila said...

Very cute. Neat idea. love you tons

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