Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart!~

~Walking this journey called Life...together!~

The other day Phillip gave me a complement. The first part was REALLY SWEET, the second part made us both laugh!
He said, "Heather, you are 10 times more beautiful today than when I married you, and you were gorgeous then...I can't wait to see you when you are 80! =D Hee! Hee!
~I love this picture of My Sweetheart, Phillip~
On Valentine's day in 1994 when Phillip and I were dating, he surprised me by writing 100 things that he loved about me and had my GBS roommate hide some in my dorm room, and then passed out the rest to my friends, teachers, etc. So everywhere I went that day, to class, to choir, to lunch, to work, etc. everyone was handing me little papers, little "love notes" from my sweetheart! How sweet and thoughtful! Now, about 15 years later, I plan to do something similar for my Phillip, and have our kids help me hide all of his notes. I could write LOTS more, but since I don't have a whole GBS campus to help me pass them out, I think I'll just write 50! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!
I Love you because......
1. You LOVE God with all of your heart!
2. You are an awesome leader of our home.
3. You are a prayer warrior.
4. You are a student of God's Word.
5. You are a great preacher.
6. You LIVE what you preach!
7. You are helping the kids and I get to Heaven.
8. You were willing to go against any flak you might receive in order to obey God's calling to Colombia.
9. You wept before God about bringing your family to Colombia, until God gave you several promises that He was with us!
10. You are VERY GOOD LOOKING! =)
11. You are a great writer.
12. You are an Artist's artist!!!
13. You drew that BEAUTIFUL picture of me for our engagement gift!!
14. You are my BEST FRIEND!
15. You have a GREAT sense of humor and make the kids and I laugh a lot!
16. You take time to just talk to me...even until 2:00 AM sometimes.
17. You are the world's most caring Father!
18. You LOVE our kids more than words can describe!
19. You take time for our family days!
20. You are VERY GOOD LOOKING! =)
21. You always help our kid's birthdays to be special!
22. You always help our family days to be special and fun.
23. You help our kids with their difficult subjects in school when you can.
24. You are a hard worker.
25. You are a great carpenter!
~The Love of my life!~
27. You made that neat shelf on which to hang our Kimberly's first little clothes.
28. You love me just like I am, and you love me AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH.
29. You are patient.
30. You are VERY GOOD LOOKING! =)
31. You are kind.
32. You help me hang up the clothes, since we don't have a dryer.
33. You help me fold clothes, since we don't have a dryer.
34. You would be willing to get me a dryer, but the electric in our house couldn't handle it!
35. You treat me like a QUEEN...or a princess!
36. You spoil me rotten. =)
37. You always fix things around the house.
38. You are wise!
39. You are creative! You made me that BEAUTIFUL Stain glass lamp shade!
40. You are VERY GOOD LOOKING! =)
41. You love my food!
42. You complement my food!
43. You give me confidence.
44. You just keep getting better each year.
45. You are willing to say, "I'm sorry."
46. You don't hold it over my head when I have to say, "I'm sorry!
47. You are WONDERFUL!!
48. Let's make it to our 80th wedding anniversary...(we'd be 101 then...and if you can't wait to see me when I'm 80, just wrap your mind around when I'm 101. HA!!!! =)
49. You help me figure out patterns, recipes, etc. if I need help.
50. I could name lots more...but just let me say, that I'm forever GLAD that you asked me to marry you, and I'm forever GLAD that I said, Y-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you sweetheart, way more now than I did on our wedding day. Life just keeps getting better with you!!
~Our family near a water fall here in Colombia.~
~H-A-P-P-Y V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S D-A-Y!!!!!!~


Dorcas said...

Ahhhhhhhh! That's neat!!

Vonnie said...

Great! So glad you and Phillip found each other!! Love you both!

Phillip D said...


Whoever that guy is, must be quite the guy! I wish I knew somebody that nice. Thank you for your kind words on your blog; I'm glad that you are just as sweet in our home too. I had fun finding all the nice notes. As I always tell you, I'd marry you all over again. To all your readers let me say that Heather is definitely the better half. I got the best end of the deal.

I love you, Heather.


Trisha said...

Thanks Heather, that you keep us informed of all the fun things in your life. I enjoy reading them and am glad we got to meet! By the way, did you ever get the valentines that the kids sent you from our church? Trisha D

Klunders said...

Dear Heather,
That's such a good idea to have a B-day party for President Lincoln. I like how you have a spirit of celebration in your home. And I'm so glad God has blessed you guys with each other. What a great idea to hide notes for your husband all over the house. I just might have to do something like that for my husband, because God has truly blessed me with one WONDERFUL guy!!! We are thinking and praying for you and your ministry in Columbia. May God bless you with his tender loving presence! your sister in Jesus, Hannah

Kim M. said...

Awe, that is so sweet. I am sitting here trying not to cry. I know exactly how you feel because I feel that way about my Michael too. Maybe that's why it touched my heart so much.

Aunt Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing your Valentine's note to your sweetheart Phillip with us, Heather. What a wonderful influence it will be on other young wives (although I know that wasn't your intention, I'm sure God will use it for good) in how to appreciate their husbands.

You're both very sweet and fit together just perfectly!

Love you both....

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