Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~Our first day of School~

We had a great first day of school today! My Sarah LOVES balloons, so Phillip helped me blow up a lot of balloons last night and we put them all over the dinning room. The Lord helped Elijah and I to have a good night, and I was able to get up early and make banana sour cream pancakes, fried ham, and a fresh blackberry juice/shake for their breakfast this morning. Each of the kids had a candy treat on the breakfast plate this morning.
(The youngest member of our classroom (Elijah)...came to school in his nightgown today. =)
Then after family devotions, we ran to the nearby park to get some fun school pictures.
Last night I was able to sneak and make some choc. cupcakes and I kept them hidden for an extra treat after our lunch. We thank the Lord for a good first day of school!
(By the way...we noticed today that Elijah (4 months) is getting his 2 front bottom teeth!)
Enjoy the peek into our "schoolroom". =)
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sherryldickinson said...

Heavens to Betsy! You have so many cute things to look at in this Smilebox that I don't know what to comment on first! Elijah's hat is hysterical! Sarah's outfit is adorable. Your breakfast party is so festive and has such a beautiful menu. And, What a Mama, who can teach her children so attractively at home! I got nostalgic thinking of you getting old, Heather. I cannot ever imagine your kids without their mother. Phillip picked a winner when he picked you to be his wife, that's for sure! Love, Mom D.

Steve & Angela said...

Awesome pic's.. Love the breakfest spread. Glad you got some much needed rest to start your first day of school with. Isnt it such a treat to have the privilage to homeschool? I love it and wouldn't want it any other way :)

Anonymous said...

The smile box is neat. the kids are so cute. I love your blogging. love you tons lila

Vonnie said...

Love all the pictures, sounds like you had a great first day of school. I also enjoyed all of the pictures in the post below. I especially love the one of Elijah with his mouth wide open, smiling/laughing!! What a cutie.

sankey family said...

I love your Smilebox and it looks like you all had a great first day of school - hope your year goes well! Our year is up and running, but with deputation who knows what we'll actually accomplish this fall. The boys are doing great so far and we'll be able to catch up once we get back home to Mexico!

Lori said...

Loved all the school pics, so great that you take time out to do those special things with you kids, especially the breakfast table, very cute! Those are the things they'll remember!

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