Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~An update~

Hello! Thanks for all your prayers and your nice comments. I couldn't post on Monday for we had no internet connection. I will give you an update and then try to post pics as soon as I can. (I cannot find the card reader to post pics yet.)
On Friday after we flew home late Thursday we went shopping for some things that we had to have. (Although I didn't have energy to go shopping we had to go because Elijah needed a bed, and we needed food, etc.) God helped us find a nice little bed for him. On one side of his bed is a built-in changing table so I don't have to kill my back bending over to change him. We also wanted some kind of seat to put him in during the day. We have not seen swings here, so we were looking for a bouncy seat type. We looked at 2 different nicer stores for a bouncy seat and found nothing. We were almost sure we would have to buy the only thing that they offered (like a camping chair for babies that didn't look very comfortable) when I saw a neat baby toy that caught my attention. I walked over to see that...and wouldn't you know God helped us to see a real bouncy seat in a box. That was the only one in that store and probably the only one around this area of Bogota. We were so happy that God helped us to find it for baby Elijah.
Saturday: We took baby Elijah to our fruit and veggie market and they LOVED him. They oohed and awed over him and told me that I already had 3 "monos" (which means lighter haired children) so that I could give Elijah to them. NOT!! =) They were all happy to see us back in their country. Even people that I hadn't really had contact with at the market were delighted to see us again. God helped me to get all but 3 of our suitcases unpacked and put away. WHICH IS A HUGE TASK! (The reason we brought back so many suitcases is that we do not have used clothing stores here, so we have to buy everything new and that gets expensive. So I went to Thrift stores there in the USA and bought clothes for our kids for the next year and brought those back with us. Plus we had all of Elijah's baby gifts to bring back, and the kids' schooling books, gifts for people here from the States, food I cannot get here, etc.)

This is the day that Elijah started having set backs. He had been doing well and on a feeding schedule of every 3 hours. But...now he is very fussy, wants to eat every 2 hours, and hardly sleeps at nights. (So you can guess how tired Mommy is too.) We can hear our neighbors when they cough, blow dry their hair, and watch their TV. So, I just can't let him cry or he would disturb their sleep too. SO...PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL HELP HIM TO ADJUST TO COLOMBIA AND ALL OF THE CHANGES SOON! Both he and Mommy are worn out, so we are just going to stay home for the next little while to chill and help him get adjusted to his new home and surroundings. (His tummy is also hurting from the new foods that his Mommy is eating.) THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!

Sunday: We prayed for a nice taxi driver that would take us all the way to our church on Sunday morning. (Sometimes we have to change taxis about 3 times before we find one willing to take us up there.) God answered prayer and the first taxi that stopped took us all the way up, with no complaining, and didn't try to charge us extra. We had a nice service with 26 of us there. They were so happy to have us back. They decorated the church with streamers and balloons and served everyone cake and coke after church in our honor. It was so nice to see everyone again. When it came time to go home we were hoping to find a taxi to bring us back, but we found none. So we had to ride in a VERY CROWDED bus and a lady got in carrying a DOG and sat right across from Elijah and I. Trust me I was DYING! All I could thing of was the FLEAS that could be jumping on us or on KIMBERLY for she was sitting beside the lady with the dog and the dog laid it's head on KIMBERLY'S LAP! HELP!!!! We walked the mile home from the bus stop and ate and the I took a quick nap and then Bro. Jimmy and us went to our evening service. Everyone was happy to see us and we were happy to see them. We had a good service with 32 of us there. While we were gone to the USA they re-did the floor in that church and it looks so much nicer. Bro. Jimmy came home with us and we had a snack together and then after he left we had some family time and watched the video of Bro. Sheffey. (I would highly recommend that video!) We don't own videos that are purely entertainment, but that teach us a lesson, or will be a blessing to us Spiritually. Bro. Sheffey's video was surely a blessing to us and made us want to pray more! He had such a neat child like faith.
I'll leave you for now. As soon as I can find the card reader I'll post some pics. I'm sorry that it has been so many days since I have posted pics. Between helping Elijah with his culture shock and unpacking and cleaning and organizing my home, and no internet connection yesterday...on top of not getting much sleep at nights, I'm not getting to post as soon as I had wanted to. But, things should get better. PLEASE DO PRAY THAT ELIJAH WILL ADJUST TO COLOMBIA SOON. THANKS!


cincymarge said...

Hi Heather it is nice to see how God is helping you all! So nice to read your blog and get an update on how you all are doing.

cincymarge said...

Your family pics are so beautiful!

Miss Janet R. said...

I can certainly vouch for the 'taxi rides.' Yikes, remember Heather when we were going to Restrepo with the kids... then it started pouring rain when we go to 'El Mall de las Americas?' Haha... hmm... those umbrella sellers showed up at just the right time, huh.

Oh and how shall we forget us trying to find a taxi to take us to where we wanted to go... or the many taxis that turned us down... or the car that came up close enough to the sidewalk to splash water and drench us (not like we weren't already) from head to toe. Haha.. what fun times!! What about our NIGHT SHOTS!!! How can one forget those. :) or Salto de Tequendama and the way we almost committed suicide to get 'GREAT SHOTS!' (that was dumb... but they did turn out ok)

That trip was so much fun!!

Much love to you all!!!! Miss Janet

Bethany said...

It's hard with fussy babies. Is he doing cereal or anything yet? My little boy started wanting to eat more and not sleeping at about 3.5 months...I started giving him cereal from a spoon morning, lunch, and night, then added baby food a couple weeks later. It took care of it. :)

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby& Caleb said...

That is awesome the way God has provided the baby things you needed! We have a crib with a changing table attached as well and it is a back-saver that is for sure! We have also seen the Sheffy movie and we were challenged and inspired after watching it! Very good true story! I loved the part about the moonshine still and how God wiped it out! Wow! I want to have that kind of faith!
You are in my prayers...keep on keepin' on!

sherryldickinson said...

I'm so thankful that you feel somewhat rejuvinated, mentally, for the new days ahead of you. I am thankful that your people were happy to see you guys again. I am sure Elijah will be another key to the hearts of the people there. I am very grateful you are working for King Jesus in Colombia. Keep looking to him-he knows all about our struggles. Smile.
Mom and Dad D.

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