Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Some random pictures from last weekend and this week.

~Quote of the Day~

No matter how unjust a thing may be
-- by the time it reaches us --
it is God's will.

Guide Lamps for God's Lambs. ~Mary Duren

~My dear Colombian friend Marisol came to see me and our new baby Elijah. It was so good to see her. She said that she missed me so badly and PRAYED lots for me while I was gone to the USA. She kept calling our house every 15 days or so to see if I were home yet. She is THRILLED to have me back home. We always have a fun time visiting with each other.~
~Talk about a stressful Saturday!! Kimberly was upstairs in bed...Noah had just lost his supper all over our couch and Elijah wasn't feeling well either and was crying nearly all day. I needed to do tons in the house, but it was hard to do with a SAD baby and 2 other sick kids. Sarah and I were the nurses. =) Thank the Lord everyone is feeling better now.~~Mommy trying to comfort little Elijah.~
~Phillip's friend John came and went to church Sunday morning with Phillip and Sarah. (Noah and Kimberly stayed home for they were still sick.) After church they came back home and we had Skyline chili for Sunday dinner. Yum! Yum! (Thanks to Grammy for the packets to make the Skyline. =) I took this picture from the couch after some of us had left the table.)
~Elijah...all squeaky clean.~
~We cannot get blue berries here (or at least I have never seen them) but I found some little round tart berries at my Fruit market and so I made "blueberry" muffins with them for our breakfast. They turned out yummy.~
~Kimberly and Sarah playing princess...2 princesses of King Jesus.~
~Noah on his bike (but to him it is a "Monster truck" or a motorcycle.=)~
~3 of our kids playing Candy Land.~
~Noah put together this little Winnie the Pooh puzzle all by himself. =)~
Thanks for praying for Elijah. God is helping him. He is now sleeping in his own bed at nights and only waking once to eat. And he is doing better during the days too. PRAISE THE LORD!!

PS...I wrote the above yesterday...but Maybe Elijah still needs prayer for last night he hardly slept. I'm exhausted today!


Gayle said...

Great Pictures! Sorry everyone was so sick:( We miss you all!

sankey family said...

So glad Elijah's doing better. The muffins look delicious!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Glad to hear that Elijah is adjusting better. I'm noticing the sweaters that you all are wearing. Is is cold there? I thought maybe the weather was like it is here in Florida. Just wondering. Also you mentioned that you had to walk a ways from church. Do you not have a car? We all need to earnestly pray for a vehicle for you and your family. Ok. Enough questions. God bless and take care.

~Heather~ said...

To answer your questions: Yes, it is chilly here. During the days it is 60's and at nights it's in the 40's and it is often cloudy and rainy. Also our house is all concrete with no heat.
And no we do not have a car. However, in thinking it over we think that it might not be the wisest choice for our situation. So just pray for us that God will give us the strength to walk and the grace to take public transportation. Thanks for your comment. =)

sherryldickinson said...

I love your quote for this day-so encouraging. The back of Elijah's blond head reminds me of your neice, Heidi, in Alaska. The picture of the 3 on the couch with Elijah crying is so cute of Elijah looking at whomever (?) is taking his picture. I like the 'princess's' hair do's. Noah's 'rooster tail' in the Candy Land photo, made me laugh for some time. And, I am happy that I can make your photos screen-sized now. That way I can see all the better how cute my family in Colombia is. It looks like you are settled right back again, into the comfort of your own home there. I certainly do hope so. We love you guys so much and were so happy to see you in May. We LOVE OUR FAMILY! Mom & Dad D

Sarah Cook said...

Heather, I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog! I think you are such a great mom... you are an inspiration to me! I hope Elijah continues to do well and adjusts... my little Hope STILL does not sleep through the night, and now my other children have been getting up in the night and climbing in bed with me! Now that is what I call being crowded out of my bed. Faith must have had a TERRIBLE nightmare last night, because she was hysterically screaming, but did not seem to be really awake when she came into my room last night... yes, I know what it is like to struggle to get that much needed sleep!

May God greatly bless your ministry there, and your precious family!

Martha C said...

I have so enjoyed your blog through the summer. I was rather lazy and did not comment much. :-) I love seeing all the pictures of Elijah; he is so adorable as your other children are. You have been in my prayers concerning his sleeping quietly. I cannot imagine that stress.

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