Saturday, September 6, 2008

~Needing Prayer!!~

(I keep forgetting to tell you that when Laura and I wore those rose colored dresses to Christa's wedding (a few post ago) was a joke and we changed to prettier up-to-date clothes before the wedding. =)

Well, I didn't get to post on Friday like I was hoping to, for Elijah is still having a HARD time adjusting here in Colombia. He weeps quite often, rarely takes naps unless he is in our arms, and is just not content. So, PLEASE help me pray that God will help him adjust as soon as possible for life goes on and so do dishes, laundry, ironing, meals, etc. but it's hard to accomplish much with a baby in my arms. ;) Kimberly wasn't feeling well last night, and tonight Noah lost his lunch all over our couch. (It is a common occurance for missionaries to have stomach problems in their new country. Everything is different and causes us to get sick quite often.) So, needless to say, I'm not going to church tomorrow for I need to stay home with some sick kids and try to help Elijah get better too.

Here are the last of the pics from our last days in the USA!
On Monday, August 25th, we worked really hard (with the help of the Hausmans and Eisenharts) and got all packed up and left Cincinnati at 9:30 PM to go over to IN to spend Tues. and Wed. with my Daddy and Moma before we flew out on Thurs. from Indianapolis to go back to Colombia. We had a nice time being with my parents for our last 2 days in the USA.
~Here our kids are helping Gramp (my Daddy) harvest some of his yummy vegetables out of his garden. Then Moma made a DELICIOUS meal of those wonderful fresh veggies. Yum! Yum!~
~Our kids enjoyed helping Gramp with his garden!~
~Gram and Gramp (my parents) loaned us some bikes and we had a nice family bike ride! (while my Moma kept Elijah).~
~The dear folks at the Union Friends Church (Where Daddy pastors) were SOOO KIND to get this play ground set all put together so that our children could play on it before they left for Colombia. THANKS UNION FRIENDS!! Our kids LOVED it!!~
~Our kids love to eat at buffet restaurants for they LOVE getting all the neat treats they have to offer. =D Here Gram and Gramp took us out to Old Country Buffet for our last time in a while. (Phillip told me this week that he was hungry for Old Country Buffet~then said, but I guess it would take us too long to prepare all they prepare! =) Thanks, Gram and Gramp for the yummy meal!~
~IT IS ALWAYS A HUGE overwhelming task to decide what all we can take, and get each suitcase packed just right, and not go over the 50 allotted pounds per suitcase. (Like I said earlier, we had school books, food I cannot get in Colombia, and I purchased this years clothing for each of our children from Thrift stores there in the USA. It beats paying the full price for clothing here!! Plus dear friends gave us some clothes for Noah to grow into, and of course we had all of Elijah's NICE baby gifts to bring back too.)~
~On the way to the airport we stopped by and saw my Grandma Bryan (101) who was staying a few days in a nearby nursing home due to some physical issues. (She's back home with Daddy and Moma now!~
~This time when we flew I braided my hair and had NO PROBLEMS going through the security check points. PRAISE THE LORD! (I usually have hair pins that set off the buzzer and I have to go to a certain area and get wand-ed and patted down while my kids wander around but cannot come close to where Mommy is or they have to be wand-ed too. It is normally quite a process and we are normally PUSHED for time to get to the next airplane in time. But Thank the Lord I didn't set the buzzer off and it was MUCH SMOOTHER this time!!)
Here we are with our 11 bags to check and all of our carry-ons. It is always a HUGE task to get all of the name tags filled out and put on every suitcase, and then watch the scales in hopes that our suitcases aren't over the 50 pounds each, and then it is SUCH A RELIEF once they are all checked in. This time God gave us a nice lady that let a few of our suitcases go over a pound or 2 without penalty. YEA!!~
~My parents took this picture of us in the Indianapolis airport right before we were saying those hard goodbyes and heading to our mission field!!~
~Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah watching our luggage go up into our plane that we were fixin' to board.~
~Here is Kimberly, Noah and Phillip on our first airplane ride headed from IN to TX.~
~Here is Sarah, (and her doll Ethan) Elijah and I in the 1st airplane. ~
~This is what baby Elijah did for most of the airplane rides in between the USA and Colombia.~
We Thank the Lord for a safe and relatively easy day of travels. Thanks again for your prayers!


Michele said...

We will be praying!

Vonnie said...

So sorry... we will be praying for you all!

sherryldickinson said...

Oh Heather, I am sad that you are having a rough time. I am glad that Jesus gave you so many good times while you were here in the States. He is going to give you better days ahead. I am grateful you are in his care. Jesus knows all about our struggles, he will guide 'til the day is done. There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus. No not one, no not one. Love, Mom & Dad D

Janet Renteria said...

I remember those tummy aches from Colombia. I'll be praying for you all and the adjustments.

Hey, you'll never believe what I found the other day... the pic you took of me in my car with Sarah & Kimberly taking turns driving and Phil looking through the passenger window. I loved driving with the girls.. and letting them stick their head out of the sunroof. How I cherish those memories. :) Love you gus!!!

sherryldickinson said...

The picture of Kimberly harvesting vegetables, the picture of Elijah on the slide with Kimberly & Noah, and the picture of Noah asleep on Gram's floor are all too cute. I laughed at each of those when I enlarged them. You guys are SO cute! Dear Grandma Bryan looked like she had been suffering. Thank you for more wonderful snap shots of one of our favorite families. Love again, Mom D

Crystal Mason said...

I have the same problem with my hair pins setting off the alarms at airport security...I too, have decided if I just braid my hair and leave it down, I get through much better and don't have to worry about my babies...their carry-ons...

We'll be thinking and praying for you...hope everyone gets adjusted back into the culture quickly!

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

You will be in my prayers as well! I understand how hard it is to homeschool,keep your house presentable and take care of a crying infant! Just remember that God has enough grace to get you through!

Kimberly said...

Praying for ya'll!
(Sarah is too cute with her doll!)

danielpauledwards said...

Hello, Heather and family! Hang in there and know that we are in the states praying and pulling for you there!!
Love to you,

abc said...

Heather, I will be praying for you. I sure can relate. Levi is still wanting to eat very often, I am so exhausted! We are taking our first long trip with him today and he is doing great so far. I'm typing this as we are going down the interstate. Isn't technology Great!!! We miss you all so much!! Love, Susanna Pilmore

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