Wednesday, May 4, 2016

~Women of Worth in Indianapolis~

I failed to mention last post that my sweet Grandmother just turned 94!!!
Our Kimberly just went down to stay with GG for 3 weeks.
I'm sure they BOTH would appreciate prayer.  HA!
Kimberly is LOVING being with her GG.

Back in October, while we were still in Argentina I got an email from my dear friend Sis. Castle.
I was delighted to hear from her, until I read WHY she was writing me. :-)
She was writing to ask me to speak at their Women of Worth Mother-daughter banquet the Monday AFTER I.H.C.
(Trust me, I would have enjoyed I.H.C. MORE....
 if it would have been the Monday BEFORE!  Hee! Hee!  ;-)

After prayer and thinking about it, both Phillip and I felt like I should say yes.
As time grew nearer...I wondered WHAT I was thinking to say yes!  :-)

 ~We were SO DELIGHTED TO HAVE GRAM Join us for the evening!!~
 ~Abigail running around in her slip.  (I let her run around that way, because she had a bad rash all over her.  Thank the Lord, it appears to be cleared up now!!)~
 ~There, now, she's all dressed up.~
 ~And here's her big sister all dressed beside her.~

 ~I was so happy to find Mary's dress weeks ago at Dillard's outlet for CHEAP!!~
 ~The gym was nicely decorated!~

 ~Moma took this picture of my girls and I.  It was a DELIGHT to have my girls with me. My girls helped me with the music.~

 ~My Sweet Moma and I!!~
 ~The ladies provided quite the yummy spread of food.  It was delicious!~

 ~There was a good group of ladies!~

 ~It was requested that Kimberly play a special on her violin.  So we started my talk with that.~
 ~My Dear friend Sis. Brock took pics for me.~
 ~The Smith Clan table.  The Smiths are our Dear friends...and I had them PRAYING for me!!~
 ~Then the girls and I sang, "Over and Over, Again and Again God is Faithful!"  It's our family's testimony!!!~

 ~Jesus helped me.~

 ~Sis. Brock took this pic of the girls and I afterwards.~
 ~There were a lot of other countries represented that night.~
 ~Princesses Stella and I.  (She really is a Princesses...she is the daughter of a King!! I think she's from Africa!)~

 ~About 13 or 14 years ago, Sis. Castle brought Asel and her husband to church where Phillip was pastoring in Phoenix, AZ.
It was so WONDERFUL to see Asel (now Annabel) again, and to meet her daughters!
Annabel told me with tears in her eyes that Phillip gave her her first Bible.  What a precious family they are!
(You can see my "baby bump" sticking out in this pic.   We found out the next day about our SURPRISE baby #7! :-)
 ~And when you have 6 children already, you RARELY go to Starbucks "FIVE BUCKS" here we are being cheap and celebrating baby drinking a "Caribou iced coffee" from the dollar store...with Starbucks behind us! :-) :-) :-)    (I can hear you laughing now, Luann!)
Then we picked up Taco Bell and a big bucket of ice cream to celebrate our baby news with our other kids at home.
One doesn't have to spend much....what matters is that we celebrated and were together!!  :-) ~
 ~Abigail and Noah rolling bouncy balls back and forth.~

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lila said...

A lovely gathering!! I wish your speaking was audible. Would love to have heard it! Cute baby bump. I know the kids are delighted. Lori's girls would love for her to have another one but for Lori's sake I'd rather it not happen. Looking forward to seeing you all next month! Nice pics. The two little ones look so cute. Love you all tons

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