Saturday, May 14, 2016

~Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!

~Look who turned 8!!!!~

 ~Elijah is OUR ALL ENERGY LITTLE BOY...who has a tender conscience, is fun-loving, and very caring, and loves Jesus. 

~He's learning to work hard...and helped his Daddy and Noah mulch someone's lawn today.~
 ~We took him to what we call the "Park under the Bridge" for his birthday supper, and grabbed his pics while we were there.~

 ~He LOVES this park~

~We went to DOLLAR TREE and got him some fun gifts to open.  
U. Dan and A. Carole sent him a nice card and gift card.
Gramp and Gram gave him a fun gift.
Grandpa and Grandma sent him money.~

 ~Elijah's main gift.~

 ~The boys gave their ripsticks to their friends Bubu and Valen in Argentina, so we got Elijah another ripstick.~
 ~Abigail getting into the ice chest.~
 ~At his supper at the park I went simple and served Corn dogs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Tortilla chips, celery and ranch, cupcakes, and ice cream bars.~
  ~Cupcakes from Sams.~

 ~It was so fun to have Daryl, Laura, and family join us.  We missed Kimberly who still is in TN with GG.~

 ~Abigail LOVED her cupcake.~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I want to THANK JESUS for His protection! The other day we were coming home and we were going through a green light, when Phillip happened to look to his right and a person was running a red light and would've come right into my door!!!!!!!!
Phillip screeched to a stop and they Screeched to stop and we barely missed each other!
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for your protection when we see it, and your protection when we don't! ­čśŐ



Sherry L Dickinson said...

I love my sweet little, blond-headed, vivacious, and happy, 8 year old grandson, Elijah Phillip! What a boy he is! He is all boy, he is handsome, and he is all that a grandma could want in a grandson. I love to hear Elijah pray! He encourages me when he opens up and gives it all he's got, while praying. I could not ask for more than an 8 year old, praying grandson. Jesus sure knows how to make us happy, and Elijah knowing how to pray fearlessly makes this grandma happy. I'm telling you something else too! Elijah sure knows how to balance well on his rip stick, and he knows how to ride that board! I don't think that too many boys know how to ride their rip sticks like ol' Noah and ol' Elijah! Those boys have got it together when they get on those boards and ride. It makes me right proud of them! Smile. Elijah, I love you, and I am so happy that Jesus gave you to our Dickinson family. I'm happy that you want to be a worker in God's Kingdom! With all my love and prayers, Grandma D with the pink door.

lila said...

I love Sherry's sweet comments!! What a fun way to celebrate that boys birthday!! I'm glad he loves Jesus and already knows how to pray! I can't believe he is 8 already. Love and prayers

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