Monday, May 9, 2016

~Happy Mother's Day ~

Sorry, I was running too fast to post till today.
Happy, happy, happy Mother's Day, Moma! 💗 
 I consider myself the most blessed girl in the world to have you as my Moma! Little did you know when you made the decision to go to God's Bible school, and then marry Daddy at the ripe old age of 18, where all God would take you! I've watched you and Daddy do your best to touch lives for Jesus wherever He took you!
Thank you for always serving Jesus, for staying madly in love with my Daddy, and for raising the four of us with a desire to serve Jesus as well! And thank you for loving my Phillip, and each one of your in-laws, and your grandkids, and now your great grandson!
You taught Laura and I to be a great wife and mommy by your classic example!!! If I can be a one fourth of the lady you are, I'll feel I've accomplished something in life.
You know how to do hospitality with a capital "H" and inspired Laura and I to love to bake, cook, and entertain company in our home. All that I am I owe to Jesus, my Moma, and now to my Phillip, and our children. 😊
I love you bunches and oodles, Moma, and I'm so glad to be your baby daughter! I'm looking forward to being together on Mother's Day!              ~Heather~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I was asked to sing for Mother's day at church, so I sang a song called "Nurturing Seeds" that my friend Angie Edwards wrote, and I surprised the congregation by having Mary join me at the end.
My pregnant brain had a mind blank, and I couldn't remember how to start the intro, but Jesus helped me.
I was so happy to have Bro. Hoschar and Rob Kennedy accompany me on their guitars.

Heather singing, "Nurturing Seeds."

I had a wonderful Mother's day weekend.  Besides missing our oldest daughter Kimberly (who is still in TN helping take care of her GG) we had a lovely time. 
~First off, I had to post this on my blog, for my blog book.  
This is what happens when you ask your little boy to bring up 8 rolls of toilet paper for the bathroom.  
I died laughing when I went into the bathroom and saw this.
I meant for ALL the bathrooms. HA!
I LOVE being a Mommy!~
 ~Friday night Daryl and Laura and kids and our family went to Sawyer point park down by the Ohio river for a fun evening. 
While there Bryan and Noah found an Smart phone and brought it to us.
We PRAYED that God would help us find the owner and searched for the owner for an hour or more.  The phone was locked so we couldn't text or call anyone of the contacts either. :-(
It was getting near time for us to go when I heard the phone ringing.
So Phillip quickly answered it and said, "Hello are you looking for your phone?"
Sure enough, they were and they nearly HUGGED Phillip for giving it back to them.  The guy said, "I've never met so many Good Samaritans in one day!"  :-) Thank you, Jesus, we found them!
Here's Abigail helping carry the drinks for our picnic at the park.
 ~Saturday afternoon we went to the 40th Anniversary party of our dear friends Steve and Debra Hoschar.
Here's the Hoschars on the right, and our other dear friends the Wegeners "looking like the Hoschars" on the left.~

 ~Kimberly took a selfie with GG and bought a frame and gave it to her for Mother's day.~
 ~Kimberly spoke for Friendsville Bible Methodist Church last evening in TN on growing up on the mission field, and GG was able to go to church with her.
Moma sent GG this beautiful corsage. ~
 ~My simple Mother's day table.~
 ~My sweetheart asked me if I wanted a corsage for Mother's day and I told him that I would rather have flowers for my table.
So he spoiled me by getting me these pretty sweetheart roses for my table, a pretty planter for our front porch, and 2 dark choc. candy bars. ~

 ~Thank God for Dollar Tree where I happened to pick up my pretty paper plates and napkins.~

 ~"Mommy Abigail" holding her baby doll in church.~
 ~Mary and some of her friends.~
 ~My Sweet kids, and my sweet husband!! (minus our sweet Kimberly.)~
 ~Me and my baby bump #7!  Can't tell much in this pic, but it's growing. :-) ~
 ~Daryl, Laura and their family brought some food, and our family provided some.
Daryl grilled the YUMMY steaks, Sarah made the rolls, Darla made the mashed potatoes, Laura or one of her girls made part of the salad and we added some to it when it got over to our house, and Natasha made the broccoli and corn on the cob.  We both made tea, and Phillip made yummy coffee to go with our delicious pumpkin roll from the Wegeners' Butterbraid company.~
 ~And Thanks to Bro. Wegener selling Butterbraid, they sell these pumpkin rolls too, so that is what we ENJOYED with coffee for our Mother's day dessert.~
 ~It was so fun having my Sweet Moma and Daddy here to celebrate with Laura and her family and me and mine.~
 ~Moma gave me this pretty little glass pitcher, and a book she got from a Ladie's Meeting she had attended on Saturday.~
 ~Here's my pretty plant that Phillip and the kids got me.~

 ~Dark Chocolate candy bars for the Mother. ~
 ~Our Church gave out fun gifts. This pretty coffee cup that I enjoyed coffee in this morning...
 ~A pretty pen and book mark, and a yummy handmade soap.~
~Sis. Eisenhart did several fun ways for Mother's to get one of these beautiful potted plants.  
One of them was the Mother with the most FB friends.  I won with 1,600 or so.  
Another prize was the Mother with the most coupons in her purse.  My sister Laura won that.  
Laura and I laughed and said that those 2 categories surely showed our 2 personalities. :-) ~
I trust that you had a WONDERFUL Mother's day! 
Since baby bump and I had quite the BUSY weekend, we are just chilling on the couch today!

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Moma said...

Daddy and I had a wonderful Mother's Day with all you kids. We missed Kimberly but were glad that she was with GG. As I sat and looked at all the kids and gals with your men I wondered where you all came from! I do love each one, Moma

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