Thursday, May 12, 2016

~Iron sharpeneth Iron~

This sign that I got recently has a good message.

~"God doesn't give us what we can handle,
He helps us handle what we are given." ~

 ~Early on Wednesday mornings my friend Dorcas and I (and sometimes other ladies,)  can usually be found meeting together praying for our city of Cincinnati.  Dorcas felt this on her heart and started this prayer ministry.  Our husbands Matt and Phillip usually pray together as well.
I love these times when we draw closer to God and "sharpen" and encourage each other as well. :-)
Last Wednesday, she moved it to lunch time, made a lovely lunch for the kids and I, and then while the kids played outside in the MUD, we talked and prayed together.  Here's our selfie...a tad blurry, but we at least were able to capture the memory. :-) ~ 
 ~Dorcas served a yummy soup, lovely salad, grilled chicken, cheese and cracker tray, broccoli and ranch, and this yummy dessert of fresh black berries, strawberries, and white choc. covered strawberries, and Oreo cookie balls.~
 ~The girls.~
 ~The boys.~
 ~I should have had Noah take a picture of Dorcas and I. 
The kids played out here in the MUD and rain, and got COVERED from head to toe.  I wish I would have thought to take a pic, but I was in too much of a HURRY to get them cleaned up and run to our missions service we were to have at our own CNC church. :-) ~
 ~We took the time one day to mix up these Yummy choc. chip cookies for the fam...using Aunt Libby's recipe.~
 ~Cousin time playing in the mulch that a friend gave to Phillip....that was waiting to be distributed around our yard. :-)

 ~Sister giggly time on the road!~
 ~Family time at the park under the bridge. (Yes, I was feezing.)~
 ~GG and Kimberly in TN having devotion time together out on GG's deck.~
 ~Kimberly is Loving having things like fried okra and being with GG.~
 ~A fun little cast iron sign we bought in Argentina that Phillip hung on our bathroom door.~
 ~Due to how BUSY life has been recently, Baby and I have been doing a lot of this was my "tea on the couch" pic, messy hair and all.~
 ~Kimberly sent this pic of GG's beautiful pics.~
 ~Elijah and Mary found real clay in our back yard and made some bowls.  But, then of course, when we tried to bake them, they broke. :-( ~
 ~This is what happens to one's belly when you go to make a jump on your bike, and the handle bar twists and goes into your belly. :-(  
POOR ELIJAH!  We felt so badly for him!!  But it's healing now, Thank the Lord.~
Prayers appreciated for baby and I, and Abigail as we ride down to TN with my parents on Monday.  
We will get to see GG and Kimberly and then on Wednesday we will head to VA for my niece Kate's wedding.  Phillip and the kids and Brittany will come down on Thursday for the wedding.  The wedding is Friday evening, and then we will DRIVE all night Friday night to get back for my niece Natasha's graduation from G.B.S.   
I want to go down on Monday, so that baby and I don't have 2 LONG trips back to back (Thursday and then again on Friday.)
I have been on the mission field for years and have missed several of my family's special events, so I want to make it to these, WITH GOD'S HELP!!!

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lila said...

Nice post. I need to spend more time with God!! He is so wonderful and precious and is so deserving of our time!! Poor Elijah, he has more mishaps than anyone child I know. That is so special Kimberly is getting to spend quality time with GG. Love you all tons

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