Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~Labor Day Fun!~

Our Labor Day WEEKEND was GREAT!!  I hope y'all had a great time too!
We are HOME from our 6 month deputation and THRILLED to get to sit on our OWN couch and drink a cup of hot tea and spend time with King Jesus in the mornings!!!  =)
Be it ever so Humble...there's NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  =)
As you may remember before March we only got to live in our fixer-upper house for ONLY 19 days back in 2011!
So, We had planned to do some EXTENSIVE work on our house (like move things...EVERYTHING...off of our 2nd floor and work there, but I'm TOO TIRED for words...and so we've decided to not do all we were going to do this time around. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
Phillip still plans to do some work on our house but his work won't involve my energy!  =D
So, I'm very EXCITED about just being a wife and Mommy/home school Mom and getting to enjoy our home for a few weeks!
We are in the middle of organizing our things in our home.  (Mysterious bags of clothing (ours and clothing given to us during our last 2 years while we were in Colombia) was setting ALL over our 3rd floor...waiting for me to attack them!!  Thankfully most of those have been sorted through and put away, and the extras given to Goodwill! =)
Phillip and I realized the other day that it's basically been since 2004 since he and I have had a DRESSER to put our things in.  It's been so FUN organizing our things into our very own dressers!!!  Out with the suitcases, bags, boxes, etc....in with the organized dresser drawers!!! =)
Please pray for our Dear friend Donald Shirk....he needs lots of prayer physically right now!!  Thanks!
~On Friday morning...Labor day weekend...my sweetheart brought the below upstairs...to our girls and I!!!...My china platter, tea pot with hot water, cups, and saucers, and my cute little wooden tea box, along with sweetner and creamer for us to enjoy a yummy cup of hot tea right after we woke up!!!  He's the BEST!!~
~I'm having SO MUCH FUN organizing and PLAYING HOUSE in OUR HOUSE!!  =)  I hung this adorable little dress that we bought for Mary in Argentina in her nursery window.~
~Then our church had a camp-out and picnic Friday and Saturday.  We had a BLAST!!!
We did LOTS of this....(eating!) ~
~And lots of games of volleyball and other games were played.~
~Dear Bro. Wegener brought out very FUN Gigantic sparklers...and a fun floating lantern. =D ~

~I wonder if Elijah or Mary didn't take this picture of U. Daryl and Brittany?~
~Sitting around enjoying the fire in the morning after we had all prepared our own breakfast.  It was fun to chat with the other ladies.  The Bible says that "Iron sharpeneth Iron!!"  And that is exactly what happened around the campfire!~

 ~Mary and her friend Ella.~
 ~Elijah and Isaac.~

 ~The Hausmans borrowed a tent from Pastor and Grammy.  When they pulled up...their tent had this sign that said, "Hausman Tajmahal" on it.  =) ~
 ~The girls tent.
I woke up at 3:45 during the night FRIDAY NIGHT and saw lightning!!!  =(  So I began to bombard the throne asking Jesus to PLEASE not let it rain on us.  I know I wasn't the only one praying that prayer and Jesus was very GRACIOUS and He held off the rain until ALL THE WAY until after our last game (which was softball) on SATURDAY night around 6:00 or so!~
 ~Phillip playing cornhole with Pastor, Bro. Becker, and Wayne.~
 ~Mommy's little Mary.~

 ~Sharon doing Mary's hair.~
 ~My sweetheart and I.~
 ~Sharon did a great job on Mary's hair. ~
 ~Wayne and Mary.~

 ~For the picnic on Saturday I cheated and bought these patriotic cupcakes from Sams.  (I was SORTING out my house last week and had NO SPARE MINUTE to make goodies! =) ~
 ~Mary and the first of the line at the picnic on Saturday.~

 ~Camping ended Saturday night and we came home and put all of the camping supplies away.  We just had a very simple Sunday dinner at our house...just us...but I had fun making a pretty "Labor Day" table anyhow.  =) ~
 ~And I added fruit to some of the left-over cupcakes for our centerpiece/dessert.~
 ~Mary...carrying her new LOVE!!!  Her New Testament that her GG had purchased for her when she was TINY...but which she had never seen until Sunday.  She carries it EVERY!WHERE! SHE! GOES! NOW!!!  =D  (Thank you, GG!!!)
Mary is getting to be quite the grown up girl now.  She goes to Sunday school and Jr. church now!  Phillip and I ALMOST feel Lost on Sunday mornings during S.S. not having ANY children sitting with us.  =) ~
 ~I snapped this picture of some of our young people on Sunday night...
 and then Grammy and Bro. P joined them. ~
 ~God's presence was so SWEET in both of our services on Sunday.  Thank you, Jesus, for being willing to meet with little ol' us!!
Sunday night our dear friends the Kennedys invited us and Laura and family over.
Here's U. Daryl reading stories to the kids!! CUTE!~
 ~We had a fun yummy time!  ~

On Labor day we had a GREAT time too.  Pics coming soon!!
We started school today...so we are busy still trying to sort out things and organize in our house...and do school work, practice musical instruments, etc.  
Phillip is working on a newsletter and stays in constant contact with our Colombian pastors.
Phillip also plans to take some mission trips in October (to Peru and Colombia), Lord willing.  Your prayers for that trip would be greatly appreciated!  =)


Gayle said...

enjoyed all the pictures!! Glad you all got to be with us!

lila said...

Camp looked so fun!! Wish we could have been there. Things are still unsettled here. Looks like we will get to move this week-end. So hoping we can visit you all in the not to far future. Enjoyed all the pics. Love you tons

Linda Delamarter said...

Heather, I've followed your blog for a very long time. I know your parent's from Hobe Sound.
I love your art of homemaking on the mission field as well as here at home. Your love of beauty and your love for your family is an inspiration!
You are a reminder to us that we take so many of life's blessings for granted, such as a dresser for our clothes.
I know as His servants we count all these earthly pleasures as second.
But as women little things can be so important or so missed.
May God richly bless your beautiful family as you serve the King.
Thank you for sharing! We pray for you and your work!
Linda Delamarter(Thomasville, NC)

Daryl Hausman said...

It was FUN getting to go camping with ya'll, Finally! (since our 4th of July plans got POURED out with tornados storms and R.A.I.N.!)Loved all the pics... confession, Your camera was left on a picnic table and Uncle Daryl and Brittany decided to take a pic of themselves to "surprise" whose ever camera it was! Only after they took the pic did they discover it belonged to ya'll! Smile! Love bein your neighbor!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What an enjoyable post this nice long story proved to be! It was fun seeing the pictures of the Christian men and women from the church group. I was thinking how nice it is that your children are privileged to mingle with these good people. It's interesting to watch the children of the GBS students growing up by way of these pictures. I like the new picture of Phillip and you at the top of your blog. I like the picture of Uncle Daryl reading to the four little children, while Mary Grace feels right at home leaning on Uncle Daryl's leg. Smile. I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE GETTING SETTLED INTO YOUR NEW TO YOU HOUSE! What a treat that is for you and your family! I liked Laura's 'confession' of how Daryl and Brittany took a picture of themselves on the mystery camera. Ha! I'm happy that Phillip is keeping in close touch with his pastors in South America. Thank you for posting on your blog because it's like having a visit in Ohio and getting to see you and all the church people. Love, Mom D

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