Tuesday, September 10, 2013

~My Phillip turns the big "40!!"~

So, where has time gone? It's hard to believe that Phillip is now 40! But, he's not old...just in the "prime of life"....trying to give God ALL He can!! =)
~For his birthday we went to "the park under the bridge" or better known as Sawyer's point and ate pizza, veggies, and drinks, and played volleyball and let the kids play in the sand and on the HUGE playground there.
~We had a fun time at the park.~
~The kids loved the sand!!~
~Sarah's fort she built.~
~Sitting and chatting!~
~My sweet sister and her nice man.  We LOVE being their neighbors...and look for any chance to get to be together!! =)  (We're making up for the times when we are on the mission field and CAN'T be together!!) ~
~My wonderful birthday man playing volleyball with the kids.  I joined him after I took pictures. = )

~Then we came back to our house and had an ice cream party! I used a white chalkboard and Phillip's baby pic for our centerpiece.~
~I'm enjoying using my crystal cake plates that I bought years ago.  They are 2 different sizes, so it's fun to stack them!~
~The kids table in the kitchen.  The box to the right is my dishwasher waiting to be installed. =) ~
~My friend Janet gave me this fun old typewriter!!  I threw it on the table just for fun.
I found pieces of broken off slate that had fallen off our neighbor's roof...and washed them up and used them as "name cards" at each plate.  ~

~Our fun toppings for our ice cream.~
~Then we had fun trying to type on the typewriter.  Nearly everyone took a turn typing a little message.  Phillip later commented that we "text-ed each other" on the typewriter.  =D ~
~We had just a delightful evening together!!!~
~Brittany being crazy like she's typing with one finger.   Phillip had a very fun birthday.  Our family is LOVING being in our own home and having company over!!!
We're still trying to get the 3rd floor organized...and can't wait till all the organizing is pretty much done, but we're really enjoying each other and our home! 
Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated.  I'm still so TIRED I can hardly get up in the mornings.  But, I'm constantly asking Jesus to help me and He's helping me as I home school, keep up with the normal chores, and try to finish organizing at the same time.
I want to get all the organizing of closets, the 3rd floor, etc. done before we decorate for FALL!!!  =)~


Kira said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to a wonderful godly man .....i hope you had a very fun birthday Phillip ( it sure looks like you did )

God bless .

Keith and Crystal said...

What a nice birthday celebration. I'm so happy that you all get to be in your own house for a while.

I recognize that young man in the pics with your niece. ;) He's a fine one!!

Would you mind e-mailing me when you have time? kescrs(at)hotmail(dot)com

Have a blessed day!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Phillip, it seems as if you had a wonderful and homey birthday celebration. As I was reading this post, I was thanking Jesus for letting Heather and Laura live close together. It's such a joy to see your families interacting with each other; and it looked so loving to see your families having fun together on your 40th b-day. What beautiful and precious people Jesus has given you for in-laws. I still can hardly fathom the kindness of Jesus to give you to me for a son, to give me a beautiful daughter-in-law in Heather, and then to put frosting on the cake with your five adorable and sweet children. I pray our family circle can be unbroken in Heaven. And in the meantime we have these days of "heaven on earth". Keep the fire burning in your soul for Jesus. It won't be long until we will be standing before him, giving an account of our lives and our actions; and also serving and doing duties for him beyond our current capacities to fathom. (What joy to contemplate!)
Heather, I really like your new picture at the top of your blog, and I was waiting for this birthday post. Thank you for all the pictures, the report on the activities, and for your loving input into your little family of seven. What an industrious and creative wife and mother you are! You continually surprise me with your original, fun, and pretty homemaking abilities. Take some time to be absolutely lazy, and to get some much needed rest; if such a thing is possible in your busy life. We are so blessed to be a part of your family. With much love, Mom D

Rob and Deanna said...

Happy 40th, Phillip!!! Looks like a beautiful celebration with family. The BEST kind!! :-)

Brittany said...

A very Happy Birthday to Phillip!! Looks like you all had a good time of celebrating :) I'm SO happy that you have some time to just be together in your own home - I'm sure you're enjoying that! I will be praying for you that God will keep giving you strength, I know what it's like to feel so tired.
I love the pieces of slate you used for name cards - you are just too creative!

Daryl Hausman said...

Since you definitely win the "MOST creative EVER" award... I'm just really glad I'm privileged to be your Sis! Loved getting to be with ya'll! Thanks for the invitation to just be lazy and chill with ya'll! WE LOVED IT! Happy Birthday Phillip, so glad Jesus sent you to join our family! You've made my sister one happy lady!=)

lila said...

Happy Birthday to a dear godly man. So glad you could make it special for him.Love all the pics. Love you all tons

RicKaren said...

Happy late birthday to your hubby! I enjoyed catching up with you! I was away too long. my loss!

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