Sunday, September 22, 2013

~More Deputation in PA back in July and pics with Daddy and Moma!!!~

 ~Before we went to PA again for some more deputation services, we spent a few WONDERFUL days with my Daddy and Moma!  Here Mary is blowing some bubbles Gram gave her!
(You can click on pics. I've left some of the pictures with people in them bigger.)~
 ~Phillip helping my Daddy pull up his garden boxes to move them to their new "fixer-upper" house Jesus gave them.~
 ~Moma standing by a nice collage of pictures of She and Daddy...and the poem Daddy wrote to her for their 50th wedding anniversary. ~

 ~My Granddaddy, Grandmother (G.G.), and my Moma when she was a little girl.~
 ~Our first service in PA was at Dan Durkees' church in Gratz, PA.  I don't have lots of pics from here, but Jesus gave us a great service and a wonderful time with the Durkees.~
 ~And the DEAR people there at Gratz church paid for our family to take a day and go to Lake Tobias, in PA.  It is a fun "farm/park" filled with all kinds of neat animals.  They gave us enough money for lunch too.  =) ~
 ~One of the fun things we did there was to ride around on this "cut-off/open air bus." ~

 ~Isn't that rack a beauty?!~

 ~Then we went to our dear friends the Schmelzlens.  They had fun treats of "cow tails" (A candy in P.A.), cute notes, and flowers by each of our beds.  =) ~

 ~And we had a few RELAXING days with them.  Our kids played in the sand, jumped on their trampolines with their kids, went to the park, played softball, volleyball, etc.  We did LOTS of YUMMY eating there too.  They spoiled our family!  =) ~

 ~We had a service at their church on Sunday morning...then after we snapped some pictures...and they gave us FUN GOODY BAGS....then we had a 5 hour drive to our next service in Sunbury, PA.
 ~Sarah and Miriam.~
 ~Miriam and Sis. S bearing FUN gifts for our family! =D ~

 ~My gift included a cute Paula Deen apron that says, "This Moma cooks!" ~
 ~We had a nice service in Sunbury, and really enjoyed being with the Jacob Martins.   ~
 ~I've known Sis. Martin since I was a little girl.~

 ~We went to the Friends' camp with Daddy and Moma and I was so SURPRISED to get to see my cousin Crista and her family there. ~
 ~The night that Jesus gave Daddy and Moma their fixer upper house...we took them out for supper to celebrate.
I LOVE my precious parents now more than ever!!!!
(The last of deputation pics coming very soon...That will be pics of our services in LA, OH, IN, and MI!  Then we'll see some pics of FALL decor around my house. =)


CrazieChrisa said...

Loved seeing y'all!!

Gayle said...

Love looking at your pictures!! Glad you got to be in the Great state of PA!! We have a lot of memories in Sunbury!!
Love, Grammy

lila said...

Wow, what a nice time you all had in Pa. I think she is the lady I talked to at Camargo camp last yr. You all are so fun to spoil. I am so sad we can no longer spoil you. I am glad so many others are. Love you tons

Keith and Crystal said...

Looks like you've had a great deputation. I enjoy your pictures. :)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Fun, fun, pictures, these are! Your mother's beautiful BLUE eyes-so pretty! And the picture of her young and handsome daddy made me want to cry thinking of him in Heaven, looking just as young and just as handsome as he is in this picture. No wonder pretty, young GG fell in love with him! How neat to see GG and him when they were young and in the bloom of youth. And your mother now looks a lot like her young father. Also, I've learned where Heidi came from, and where Elijah came from, and where you came from when you were 1 year old, and where all of these exceedingly tow-haired, other Bryan descendants came from...Ha!...they came from Miss Martha Mae Bryan! I LOVED finding out that bit of information!
When I saw the elegant and charming hospitality with which your family was wooed, while you were in PA, and I remembered the un-elegant and frazzled home into which your in-laws welcomed you, I knew you were TRUE missionaries, having ran the gamut from one end of the scale to the other. But no show of wining and dining could have had more LOVE than Grandpa D and I had in our hearts for your family when you arrived and stayed at our home. (Now, how's that for a bit of melodrama! Ha!) Bless those dear precious PA people for ALL they did for your sweet family. I trust they felt rewarded with heartfelt joy for giving THEIR BEST to servants of Jesus Christ.
I'm telling you what...seeing Elijah wearing his sunglasses and him sitting at the table staring at Mrs. S. makes me laugh every time I see him. And I can't bear seeing Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah in the pictures because it makes me want to be with them! And Mary with her BOWS makes me laugh-they are her signature trademark. I love them! Thank you for the pictures of you and Phillip; you know I surely do WANT to see pictures of you two, also. Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet post, Heather. Fun catching up with all your travels! News I hadn't heard and fun seeing the pics of S. family too. Love those people! God Bless you my dear sis... so fun having you close and our morning walks make my heart SING! XOXO to my parents too! God has blessed me in SO many ways... and one of the largest ways was to plant me in THEIR HOME and HEARTS! I love you Moma and Daddy soooooo much! Laura

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