Tuesday, May 28, 2013

~Throw me one of those HOT ROLLS!~

Many of you have probably heard of a fun restaurant named "Lambert's Cafe...Home of the THROWED ROLLS!"
It is a restaurant in Missouri (they actually have 2 in Missouri and one in AL) where they never hand you a roll, if you want a hot roll, you have to CATCH IT! =)
I've heard of "The restaurant where they throw your dinner rolls to you" for years, ..and as we were traveling near there, I asked Phillip if we could PLEASE go eat lunch there.
~Just after you get your HOT ROLL, a lady comes around offering YUMMY hot molasses to put on your hot roll.~
~Noah just after he caught his dinner roll.~
~We were impressed with the NICE size of the drinks....with FREE refills. =) ~
~We all LOVED this restaurant.~
~I asked our waiter how the tradition of throwing the rolls came to be.  She said that when they first opened, they would just hand the rolls out.  But one day the manager was passing out rolls and a customer across the restaurant wanting one.  He asked the manager to just throw him a roll.  The manager threw him a roll...he caught it....and that's how they started throwing their hot dinner rolls. =D ~
~My sweetheart and I in Lambert's~
~Sarah and her hot roll.~
~There's flags from lots of places hung in Lambert's.
A man behind our table has his hand up ready to catch a dinner roll.  Every few minutes a man would come through where we were sitting.. yelling, "Hot Rolls!"  Whoever wanted one would just raise their hands, and rolls started flying all over the room.  =) ~
~They serve very generous portions!!!!  And there were other servers walking around with even more food to offer you..."all you could eat" fried okra, black eyed peas, fried potatoes and onions, and macaroni and tomatoes.
~The guy who passed out the rolls and 4 of our children. 
~I tried to eat carefully so as to not stuff myself, but after we left there I still felt like maybe I wouldn't need to eat for another whole day or two. =D (We brought some carry-out trays with us, which served as a snack for the kids later.)
It was a very fun experience and atmosphere, and we enjoyed their yummy food. ~
~Then we hit the road to go to Kansas City to visit Phillip's Uncle Bill (Dad's brother), and his Aunt Donna (Mom's sister) who both live there.  Here's Uncle Bill and Phillip.~

~And here is L to R:
Phillip's cousin Becca, Aunt Donna, yours truly, Noah, Mary, Sarah, Kimberly, and Uncle Bill.~
~We had a really enjoyable evening being together and Aunt Donna made us a YUMMY supper.
The next morning before we left to drive to our service in Nebraska, Noah drew "our van"and wrote a Thank you note on the magnadoodle for Aunt Donna and Rebecca.~
 Lot of Pics of our time in Nebraska coming soon.  =)


Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

My parents were just at Lambert's Saturday evening. :-) Looks yum!

Karen Walden said...

We LOVE Lambert's too! So glad you got to experience it. It is so yummy!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I've been waiting to see my sis, Donna, when it came time for you to tell about your visit with her. I'm happy to see her, Becca, and Bill in these pictures. Also, I like the scenery around her yard, as it reminds me of how it looks when I get to visit her. Do you know that little woman painted a lot of the outside of her own house and the shutters on it? She is a hard working girl! I like your new family picture at the top of your blog. The boys are cute in their matching ties, shirts, and pants. What on earth is little Mary doing with that expression of hers? Ha! We are anxious to see you all! Love, Mom D

Jana said...

Soo glad you got to try Lambert's!!! That's one of our kids' favorite restaurants!! :-) I'm loving your posts about your travels. I'm seeing several familiar faces as you've been traveling thru Missouri!! :-) We're all looking forward to seeing you in a few days!! :-)

Ellen Dickinson said...

So happy to see pictures of your beautiful family as well as Donna and Bill.

(We love Lamberts, too. :) )

You are always in my prayers.

Love, Aunt Ellen

lila said...

What a neat restaurant. I probably wouldn't catch my roll. You sure can tell Bud and Bill are brothers. That's nice you got to see some family. As always another great post. Love and prayers

Nicki said...

I'm afraid if we took our boys to Lambert's, Levi would want to help pass out the rolls. :-)

mmsbryan said...

I so enjoyed the post and seeing Little Mary in her dress from Gramp and I. It is nice traveling along with you . . . well just a little behind you but eventually we catch-up. Again we delight in the many that are opening their hearts and homes to you. I did "worry" about that expectant Mom in SD that met you with a smile. And to think you tried to run away with their church window, I do wonder where you got such a trait. But I will admit if those windows were as pretty as you said I might have asked for the other one! :-) So glad to hear about the progress of that western work as it was getting started as we had to leave SD. Please keep those kiddoes and camera safe! I, like Elijah feel you are just going further from this Gramp and Gram. But we are glad that you will soon see Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson! Love, Moma

Brittany said...

So glad you stopped at Lambert's! It's always a hit with our kids (and US!) too. Every time we go down to the gulf we have to stop at the one in Foley, and every time we go visit my Sis in law, we have to stop at the one in MO.
I don't know how in the world you all manage to look so pretty and put together while traveling - we usually look like a MESS by the time we get to where ever we're going ;)

Daryl Hausman said...

looks like a MUST-VISIT place when and if we get to take our dream out west trip! =) Love ya'll hugs to everyone from this Haus!

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