Sunday, May 12, 2013

~Happy Mother's Day!!~

I hope each of you have had a very HAPPY Mother's Day!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We had a deputation service last night (Saturday night) at 7:30 and so between that service and trying to get ready for the Lord's day, I completely forgot to post a Mother's day post for My Sweet Moma.
So, here it is...Better late than never. =)
As my last post indicated, We surely had a fun weekend with Daddy and Moma last weekend.
While we were there in Westfield...some of the ladies from the Union Friends Church asked my sister Laura and I to write something about Moma being "Our Example" so they could read it this morning at church. 
So, here's what I wrote.

~Our Example~
Martha Bryan became my Mother in 1973
That's when she started being AN EXAMPLE to me!
She was faithful to talk to Jesus each and every day,
In fact it was her that taught ME how to pray. =)

She's been very much in LOVE with my Daddy all my life.
She taught me how to cook, keep house, and be a good wife.
She showed me that being a Mommy was SUCH A TREAT!!!
That babies sent from Jesus were BEYOND SWEET! =)

Jesus is our TRUE example, showing us we can live without sin...
But it's nice to have an earthly with SKIN!  =)
Moma is just that...A Good example to Me!
She inspires me to be like Jesus, and a better wife and Mommy.

As a stone causes ripples in a pond to spread far and wide
So her influence points others to the Crucified.
Moma, on this Mother's Day, I HONOR YOU....
Thank you for loving Jesus, Daddy, and us...and staying TRUE!!
                           I LOVE YOU!!! ~Your baby girl, Heather Dickinson~  May 2013

~I've had a super fun Mother's day weekend with our dear friends Steve and Luann Boardman.  Luann and I have had fun shopping, sneaking in some Starbucks, laughing together, and having some great heart to heart chats.
Here's our family today on Mother's day.  Steve and Phillip were such dears and surprised Luann and I with corsages.~
~The Boardmans (minus their boys) and our family~
~We were so happy to get to meet some friends of the Boardmans, the Brian Dowds.  They are such a sweet family.~
~Elijah was cold so Phillip put his coat on him.  =D~
~Julie, Luann, and I.~
~Phillip, Steve, and Brian.~
~Our family back at the Boardmans' house.~
~Our YUMMY Sunday dinner that Luann made us.~
~Having a great time enjoying Luann's food.  =)~
I'm SOOO HAPPY that Jesus has made me a Mother!  I realize that it is SUCH a PRIVILEGE!!  It's a FUN job BUT one which comes with LOTS OF Responsibility!
If I mess up on a recipe, I can start over.  If I miss a stain in a piece of clothing and Dry it in...I can replace it...but if I fail in the lives of my children I have made a HUGE disaster!!!
May Jesus help me to be the Mommy He wants me to be!
I love you, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Mary!!  =)


lila said...

What beautiful poem to your dear Mother. I am glad she is one of my best friends. Love your Mother's Day post. I am glad you are having a such a nice time reconnecting with old friends. Love and prayers

Jonathan and Judith Otto said...

That's my brother, Dave :-) Wish I could've been there! Glad you had such a good time!

Daryl Hausman said...

You "done just as good" as I thought you would with Momma's poem! =) Excuse the English!+) Thanks for writing it and for being an example of what motherhood made FUN looks like! =)
Missing ya'll but glad Jesus is helpin ya'll to have an enjoyable time while on deputation!
Love ya MUCH, Laura

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather, This is such an interesting post! I enjoyed it so much. Your poem about your mom was very cute~as your poems always are. You do have the best Mom ever! She certainly is a good example of Motherhood. She puts her heart and soul into being a mother, and into everything her hand finds to do. I am delighted with the way she taught her daughters. I think that Laura and you are such special mothers, and I am happy to have a daughter-in-law like you are, to be the mother of our adorable grandchildren. Smile.
It is SO GOOD to see pictures of the wonderful Steve Boardmans. They are such delightful people. I think everyone should have friends like the Boardmans are. Smile. I hope you all are surviving the rigors of deputation work. You make it look fun with these blog pictures but I know your Cincy home is where your heart is longing to be. I trust that Jesus will give you some good time at home before you head to the mission field this fall/winter.
We are so anxious to see all of you! And the pool is waiting for the children! With love,
Mom and Dad D

mmsbryan said...

Thank you Heather for your nice Mother's Day rhyme. It was special to be the Mother our church chose to honor this year. I had no clue that it was me until the greeting from your letters were read, "Dear Moma." I am so delighted that you all could be with me for the Mother/Daughter Brunch. The music from the granddaughters was so special. Thanks again for your kind words I strive to live up to them. Love, Moma

mmsbryan said...

I thought after I sent my comment that I should have told you how much I have always enjoyed your poems. They reflect so much of your fun-loving personality, yet show the love that you feel. Thanks again for yet another to add to my book. I love you, Moma

The Dickinsons said...

I'm glad that you had a Happy Mother's Day, Sweetheart! I'm glad you are our children's mother! Love you much,

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