Friday, May 24, 2013

~Hither to hath the Lord helped us.~

~While on deputation, my life is full of....
trying to keep my "home on wheels" half way clean and organized,
helping the kids do school work,
hearing "I need to use the potty chair" from little Mary every few minutes,
and ENTERTAINING our Elijah and Mary...who have grown up ROAMING around taxis and are wondering WHAT in the world they did to get STRAPPED down to a car seat!!!! =}
Our van is often a flurry of activity as we comb hair, wet-wipe faces clean, and try to make everyone presentable for our next stop.  So as we pull up to yet another church, to have yet another deputation service, it's easy to get out of the van with my problems or tiredness rather than "ministry" on my mind.
BUT...I'm trying to make it my goal on this matter how tired or "over it" I may try to encourage those we come in contact with.  The tired pastor's wife who may be feeling like they are not seeing any encouraging results in their ministry,....Our DEAR friends who have recently lost their son in a TRAGIC wreck...etc.
Everywhere you go, there are those who need an extra smile, hug, or prayer!
I'm trying to be a blessing to those we are seeing on this trip.   I find myself crying when they cry and praying for the burdens they are bearing, and trying to make their day a little brighter.
I don't know if I have accomplished that every where I've gone, but at least it makes my heart lighter... thinking that I have.  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
While in IL, we met this neat pilot named John.  He built this plane in which our little Mary is sitting.  Come to find out he is a stunt pilot, and did stunts using THIS VERY AIRPLANE!  Want to be impressed?  Go HERE!!! to see him fly.  Remember...John is in the red and white plane.~
~We were planning on leaving IL on Monday, but got a special invitation from Brian and Julie for Steve and Luann and their family and our family to come over for supper on Monday night, so we stayed over.  It was a special and yummy evening.  =) ~

~Brian, Steve, and Phillip "solving the worlds problems."~
~Kimberly and Kara.~
~It was fun for Phillip and Brian to sing a duet together.~
~Then we headed back to the Millers to stay, because our Mt. Zion service was near there.  Our kids LOVE being at the Millers.  Can you guess why?~
~Sarah rowing.
~Mary tried her hand at fishing.  She even caught a fish.  =) ~
~Mary, Sarah, and I went on a walk.~

~Before our Mt. Zion service we ate a yummy supper with the Pastor Bob Thompson and his wife.~

~Our kids before service.  It was a VERY stormy night outside.~
~Our 3 youngest kids watching Pastor Thompson playing his accordion before service started.~
~Bro. Thompson speaking before we got up.~
~Pastor Thompson and Elijah share a birthday.  Can you guess which one is older? =D~
~Then we went by and had such a nice visit with the Eaglestons.~
~Elijah and Noah went with Bro. Don to collect eggs and see the chickens.~
~Bro. Don showing our kids how to make REAL butter.  =) ~
~And he gave us some fresh green tea leaves and dried ginger...fresh from Vietnam.~
~We got to try his yummy homemade butter on his homemade bread.  =) ~

~Sarah came into the guest cottage where we were staying at the Millers, and said to me, "I Love the Millers, can we call them Grandpa and Grandma Miller?"
When I told the Millers that, they said that they'd be happy if our kids called them, "PaPa and Granny Miller."  =D ~
~Dear Sis. Miller, Elijah, and I~
~PaPa Miller shooting his air gun with our kids.~
~And he gave them a kite, and helped them fly it before we left.~

Then we headed toward KS to visit Phillip's Aunt and then on to Nebraska for our service on Sunday A.M.  Pics coming later.
Right now on our Western Tour....Our days are filled with LOTS AND LOTS OF MILES, HOURS in the same seat, and the infamous question...ARE WE THERE YET?!!
Elijah keeps asking WHY we are going further and further from our Ohio home?!  =)  But Jesus is helping us, and we're making memories!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

These pictures were SO INTERESTING to look at! The Eaglestons, the Thompsons, and the Millers are people I don't know, so I enjoyed seeing them as they interacted with your children. The man holding the chicken under his arm, IN HIS HOUSE made me laugh. It was cute to see the smiling boys who share the same birthday, and I loved the pictures of you all at the Millers. Their place seemed like it might kind have been an oasis in the desert for your family. The scenery and the pond looked very pretty and peaceful. I guess Mary thinks she is grown up, now that she catches fish, wanders around in church watching Bro Thompson play his accordion, and follows her older siblings everywhere. She's quite the girl, as she does just about everything a big girl does! She is so cute! I looked at your deputation schedule, and just about fainted. I cannot believe all the places that you still have to visit! Dear Elijah must think that he is now homeless, as he rides further and further away from his own house. I trust that Jesus will help you survive the journey and the days of being uprooted from your own comfortable home. One thing that will jar you to reality, is when you have to cook again. (I am teasing!) I believe cooking is my thorn in the flesh. ( I realize that you will be delighted to get home to your kitchen, so you can cook for your family.) I am 'dying' to see you guys! Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet heart-felt post! Praying much for your weary hearts! We have at least one(maybe more who've not admitted it yet) that have to pray not to be JEALOUS when they look at your blog. So though the miles are LONG... you'll all look back some year with happy (yes even wish we could do that again =) memories. I'm far enough away that you can't slap me! Hee! Love ya much, your in this School Haus, Sis! Laura and Family

mmsbryan said...

Thanks for sharing. We get to enjoy the highlights and do not have to stay strapped in a seat for the many miles ride. That is so cute that Elijah wonders "Why" you are going further from his Ohio home? I enjoy seeing the people that we know again, and am so thankful for those that are opening their homes and hearts to some of the dearest people on eather to us, you, the Dickinsons. Looking forward to you getting to Grandpa and Grandma Dickinsons, we know the delight to have you home and always feel badly that you can't spend more time with them. Glad for the delightful times that deputation brings. Love, Moma

lila said...

What a great post. Love your new Memorial Day Pic. You make it all look soooo fun. I know you are a blessing and encouragement every where you go. That is cute Mary caught a fish. I'm glad the children are having so much fun except for all the miles. Too cute that Elijah realizes he is getting farther and farther from his Ohio home. Love you all tons

Brittany said...

I'm enjoying "traveling" with you through your pictures! I know that the Lord is helping you to be an encouragement everywhere you go - you were sure an encouragement to ME! =)

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