Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~Our Mother-Daughter Breakfast~

I have a PRAISE!!!!  On Monday my b-in-l from Ohio called us while we were in Indiana and told us that a tree had fallen in our back yard.  It did NOT hit our house!!!
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for watching over our Your home! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Over 15 years ago my sister Laura and her 2 little girls, and I (who was great with child carrying our first-born Kimberly =) got to attend a Mother-daughter banquet with Moma.  Little did we dream that it would be 15 years, that God would call both Laura and her family and I and my family to be missionaries, and that our families would spend time in 5 different countries... before we would get to attend another Mother-Daughter function with Moma.
A few months ago, I called Moma from Colombia and told her that if her ladies were willing to have their Mother-Daughter breakfast a weekend earlier than Mother's day weekend...that Phillip would try to schedule our deputation schedule so that I could attend.
We're SO GLAD it worked out that we could attend this Mother-Daughter breakfast with Moma at her Union Friends Church.  I tried to take lots of pics to remember that special day and time together. =)
~Years ago in Phoenix, AZ Sis. Boardman and Moma did Women of Worth together. It was so nice to see Sis. Boardman again.~
 ~My sweet sister and I.~
 ~There was a good crowd of Ladies and their daughters.  If I remember correctly there were 84 of us!~
 ~Sis. Pam led us in the hymn "Fairest Lord Jesus."  We sang it A Capella and it was beautiful hearing all the female voices blend together.~

 ~In 2011 Melanie Smith from UBC came down and did her internship with us.  We LOVED having her.  She was such a blessing to us that month she was with our family.  So, I enjoyed getting to meet her 2 sweet Grandmothers at the Mother-Daughter breakfast. =)  Melanie had to work, so she couldn't be with us.  (We MISSED you, Melanie!  =( ~
 ~Our speaker Sis. Everhart and beside her was our dear friend Mrs. Penny.  It was so fun to see Penny again.~
 ~Shannon Rose catered our breakfast.  It was all yummy!~
 ~Greg and Shannon working in the kitchen.~

 ~My 3 nieces (Laura's girls) Brittany, Natasha, and Darla played a fun special for us.~
 ~Here's our table.  Mrs. Martha Forsee and her 2 daughters joined Moma, Laura, and her girls, and our girls and me at our table.~
 ~Laura, Martha F., and I had a fun time visiting together.  We were remembering our days at T.R.Y. conference.~
 ~Our little Mary.~
 ~Kimberly, Sarah, and I sang: "I don't want to be just any Woman" written by Maren Duren.~
 ~Sis. Parker introducing our speaker...~
 ~Sis. Pheobe Everhart.  Jesus helped her and she did a great job speaking to us from her heart. It was very touching and challenging.~
 ~Laura, Moma, and I.~
 ~L to R: Natasha, Brittany, Laura, Darla, Moma, Heather holding Mary, Sarah, and Kimberly.  It was such a fun time being together.
I want to say a BIG Thank you to my Sweetheart Phillip, for arranging our deputation schedule so that our girls and I could attend.  =)
THANK YOU, Daddy and Moma, for changing the date, and all y'all did to make it possible us to come HOME to be with y'all for that special weekend. =)
And Thank you, Laura and family, for taking the time to make it happen...even in the midst of busy school days. =) ~
~A few hours ago, we loaded our van, held hands with Daddy and Moma and had special prayer together, and hit the road for our nearly 2 months of doing deputation in the West.
~We just passed the St. Louis Arch...so we are technically out West now.  =)
~We surely appreciate your prayers and God's help so far! 


Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Thanks for sharing your photos with us! Precious times, for sure.
Phoebe Everheart and her husband pastored in Lima for a few years, and our families became close. She is a beautiful lady - inside and out.
Have a fun and safe time out West!

Melissa said...

So neat that you got to spend time with your Mom and other "girl" family. Looks like you had a wonderful time. If you just passed the arch you were only three hours from us, someday we may just get to meet. Have a safe and enjoyable time.

Daryl Hausman said...

Heather, So glad we got to be together. Fun, needed, family bonding times! Prayin for you all each mile of the way! Much Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I heard the other day for my Dad that you all are coming to our church in about two weeks now! I'm so excited and can hardly believe its already that time!!!!!
We are praying our house sales soon...we are showing it to a guy tonight who buys homes to rent them out.
Love all the pics... it's so nice that you and your sisters went to the Mother Daughter retreat together, looks like you had fun! Love and prayers for a safe trip, Hannah Klunder

Jana said...

Heather-- I got your message today. You are just a couple of hours away from us. Actually, you were with a lot of my family tonight!! :-) We would love to be able to see you all, too!! I'll check your schedule. :-)

The Mother/Daughter event looked so fun!!! How wonderful that ou could all be together!!

Leah said...

It was so nice to see you and sweet girls at the Mother/daughter brunch! Thanks for coming up and saying "hi"! Hope your deputation services are going well.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Wonderful surprise to me! A new post was up, and a major portion of your schedule! I love the top picture of Mary on the wet sidewalk with her umbrella and with the pretty purple/white petunias lining the walk. Can you believe you were actually priviledged to attend the Mother/Daughter Banquet with your mother, sis, and nieces? That will be a loving memory. Your shoes and that pink outfit are very classy. My heart cried when I saw adorable Sarah. I miss her so much! Kimberly and her look as different as night and day, and yet both are beautiful in their own right. Which reminds me, I am unearthly grateful for the five years I was priviledged to live by Phillip, you, and your children, while you guys pastored at Gospel Center Church. I am happy you get to see the very dear Steve Boardman family. What beautiful and hospitable people they are! Honey, you won't need the St Louis Arch to let you know you're in the West when you get to our house. One look at dad and I, and you'll know you're in the 'wild' west! Oh, I'm anxious to see you all! Love, Mom D (Could you sneak Shannon and Greg out here with you?)

lila said...

So happy you could spend that time with family. What a lovely get together. Love all the pics. Praying for you as you travel. Will be glad when you get back this way. Love you

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