Tuesday, November 22, 2011

~Thanksgiving reminder~

~Growing up my Daddy and Moma were always careful to celebrate Thanksgiving day.  We never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving dinner nor did we listen to Christmas music.
~In our own home [when we are on the mission field] since we are so FAR away from our Culture, Country and Family we have made some exceptions with Christmas music.
[But we haven't listened to it since coming to Argentina =)...we're saving it for after Thanksgiving dinner when we will decorate (a little) for Christmas.  It's just SO FUN to turn on the first notes of the Christmas tunes while putting up the decorations!  =) ]
~I'm not saying that it's a sin to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving day...but it's sad to me when nearly all of the stores jump from Halloween decor to Christmas ... totally skipping over fall and Thanksgiving decor.
~I just wanted to write a little something to help us to be careful to not Skip over a day/week/MONTH in which to be THANKFUL to God for His MANY Blessings! =)

'Twas a few days before Thanksgiving and all through the land
Hardly a person did notice or seemed to understand.
Each house was already bedecked with Christmas lights then
Few focused on God's blessings...only on eating the hen. (Turkey)

Let us be so careful to guard this special day
Lest the pomp of Christmas come and take it away.
Thanksgiving is lots more than all the yummy food
It's to reflect on our Bounty from God...He is SOOO GOOD! =)
                                                              ~Heather November 20th, 2011

  Thank you for your prayers...the Lord is touching me and I'm feeling MUCH better!!! =)


~Carla~ said...

Thanks for the reminder, Heather! At our house we don't celebrate or recognize Halloween at all, so in September we begin celebrating and decorating for FALL! It's one of my favorite seasons. However, by the time Thanksgiving gets here I am so ready for some new decor, so we usually begin winter decorating (snowmen ect) and our "Thankful tree" and ease into Christmas decor right around Thanksgiving. We never skip Thanksgiving cause my parents too taught me that it was so important to us now and to our history as Americans. Thanks for the reminder though, it's always easy to get in a rush and overlook things we shouldn't. Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love, Carla

Nicole Gamble said...

Great article! Happy Thanksgiving!

lila said...

Beautiful poem! I love fall decor also. It is sad every holiday is so commercialized. Plan to start Christmas decorating tomorrow, Lord willing. I have been down with my back but Jesus is helping!! I am happy you are feeling better!! Love the bountiful picture!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear precious family! love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Good work, Poet! I've trained you well! (NOT!) Love you all and YOU are counted amongst our Thanksgiving Blessings we are counting this year.
Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours. We will have 8 International students of Daryl's with us, Lord willing, for Thanksgiving Day! Pray with us that God's presence will be CLOSE!
Lots of love, Laura

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