Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~My birthday pillows...an answer to my prayers! =)~

Before we left the USA to become missionaries, our master bedroom was always Victorian...using lots of white. But since then, I never could find the right "Victorian type" comforter/things for our bedroom. I've adapted fine, and enjoy the decor that God has given us for our Colombian bedroom. However, when we got to this apt. here in Argentina, and I saw the white bedspread...it made my heart want to have some Victorian touches again! Knowing that my birthday was coming up and that my DEAR in-laws always send me money for my birthday, I started dreaming that I could purchase some fun pillows to go on our bed.  (For after all, I could un-stuff those pillows...and pack the pillowcases in my suitcase in March! =)  But, then when I started looking around...the pillows I was seeing for sale were $40.00 to $80.00 PER PILLOW!  UGH!  So, I began to PRAY that God would guide me to some pretty pillows for cheaper.   (MANY THANKS to those of you who helped me pray...you know who you are ! =)
Isn't it great that our God...who is running this big universe, answering VERY IMPORTANT prayers, Meeting Great financial needs, helping a sad person's heart in a special way, touching a sick body, etc....isn't too busy to answer our "little prayer requests"?!  I LOVE that about our Heavenly Father!  =)
So, long story short...after walking LOTS and praying L.O.T.S. I was able to find some pretty pillows for LOTS cheaper...and I'm Happy with our bedroom. (Phillip thinks it's beautiful too!)
~My "birthday month" actually started 6 days before my birthday.  That is when the Lord helped me to find a pillow for $5.00 and another one for $10.00!  I was sooooo HAPPY!  Then, while walking the mile home we met a man selling these fresh white Jasmine flowers for CHEAP.  Phillip bought us a bunch...and They MAKE OUR ROOM SMELL DELIGHTFUL! =)
~At the Adorable Victorian store "Miracles" where ones' heart just STOPS and DROOLS =)...is where the pillows were SO expensive!  But, Phillip bought me this adorable frame and antique tea cup and saucer for my birthday from there. =)~
~My pretty pillows that Jesus sent me! (The lighter beige pillow belongs to this apt. and I just tied the ribbons around it.=)
(You can click on pic to make it a tad bigger!)~
“Tis the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~
~This is the pillow I got for only $5.00! =)~
~There are no "Hobby Lobby's" around the corner from me...and no material stores near-by either, so I "took what I had" and that was a white kitchen tea towel and cut it into 2 pieces...and hand-sewed 2 simple little pillows.  I had planned to use mother pearl buttons on one to make our initial "D"...but the only button shop near me sells buttons that she must have cut off of clothes from the 1960s...from a missionary barrel.  They are Dirty and Dusty and she's charging ONE DOLLAR per button!  =[
So, then I decided I would embroidery our initial...but the only embroidery thread she sold would have made initials on 500 Pillows!!...and she didn't sell any less. ={
So, I came back home...dug around and found 5 buttons that were running around in the bottom of my small sewing bag and used those on my little pillow. =)~
~A little closer view.  As Aunt Nesi just commented on this post...
"can't get much 'cuter than a button!' "~
~These little white cube seats at the end of our bed had been in the living room, and I thought  they'd add a fun touch, so took them to our bedroom. =)~
~When one uses suitcases to take everything to move to another country...once they've unpacked...WHERE do they put the suitcases?  ( They won't fit under the beds, and the closets are needed for clothes!)
So, I stacked up our suitcases, and then used mine at the top for a "night stand."  =D~
~Here's my other pillow that I made.  I used the LITTLE BIT of scraps left over from cutting my tea towel into 2 pieces...and made a little flower...and found one more button to use for the center! =)~

 ~A close up of a couple more of my cute pillows.~ 
 ~Isn't God Good?...ALL THE TIME!!~
~My sweetheart surprised me and brought me these beautiful roses home on Saturday before my birthday on Sunday!  They weren't quite as cheap as Colombia's...but they were still a great price!~
Next up...in my birthday month =)...I'll post pics of my birthday cake!


Denise said...

Oh Heather! It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for notifying me of this post. Benji has been burdened about those pillows so I showed him that Jesus had answered our prayers! Love your towel pillows! So creative and buttons...well, can't get much "cuter than a button!" Wish I could smell the jasmine ~ I always think of Jackie Foley when I smell it~she has a LOVELY bush of night blooming jasmine outside her porch that's heavenly! Love you lady! ~Aunt Nesi

mmsbryan said...

I can just smell the jasmine, it is close to gardina, my very favorist! Your quest and prayer for pillows was well rewarded. I love them all and am pleased with the clever way you put them together. There is a "way where there is a will," I have found that out many times, with the help of the Lord. I Love you, bithday girl. Moma

Dorcas said...

Your pillows are beautiful and what a neat idea you came up with the kitchen towels. They turned out so pretty!! And I can just smell the sweet scent of the jasmine flowers.

Daryl Hausman said...

Love your pillows!!!!
Thanks for posting pics of them!

~Carla~ said...

Oh my, you are soo soo creative! I LOVE it! You are amazing and always a challenge to me! Love ya, Carla

Rob and Deanna said...

Your pillows are ADorable! Love how you used "every day" stuff. :-) Great idea with your suitcases, too! So fun to make your house a "Home!"

lila said...

Praise Jesus for answering another prayer for you!!! Yes God is good all the time. It's sad so many find fault with Him. Your pillows are adorable. Love the suitcase idea also. Tell Bro. Phillip he sure picked out a cute frame and cup. So happy for you all! Happy Birthday!!! love you tons

mmsbryan said...

Forgot to add that I especially love the little $5.00 white-on-white pillow and then how you used just what you had on hands to make such a pretty touch to your bedroom. I just noticed your candle holders are goblets turned upside down. What a girl! I have wanted to add a touch to the white tie backs that I have dressed each window in the parsonage to the windows in the master bedroom. I had picked up a batonburg lace king-size bed dust ruffle from
Goodwill and tore it apart using each of the three sides to make a valance for each window in the bedroom and my adjoining sewing room. I did it while Daddy was gone and they were the first thing he noticed when he walked in our room. HE IS A DEAR AND I THINK THAT I WILL KEEP HIM! :-) Love, Moma
PS Perhaps I can send you a picture of them.

The Going Blog said...

Heather, I so enjoyed your run down of how you came up with the decor for your room. You were on a creative roll :-) Your make do attitude is refreshing and beautiful. I always look forward to your posts. I'm praying for your family. God has a plan for you there in Argentina and I can't wait to see it unfold in HIS time.

Making Memories 1999 said...

I love your creativity in "reassigning" things to fit the present need! Thanks for sharing, and for your kind note on my blog! (I'm going to try to blog more...!) =). Blessings from the Midwest!

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