Sunday, November 27, 2011

~Our HAPPY Thanksgiving~

God gave us a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It would have been fun to have someone over, but since most of our Argentinian "friends" are just "Hi, How are you doing" type friends at this point =), we just celebrated as a family.
On Thanksgiving eve Phillip had to run out last minute to get a few more groceries to make our meal, and he had fun wishing several of our new Argentinian friends "A Happy Thanksgiving" and then using it as a witness to explain what we do on that day.  =)
God has been continually touching me and I'm feeling lots better! Thank you again for your prayers for me!  My family and I had fun working together to make our Thanksgiving meal.
 ~Kimberly made our Crumb Topped Apple Pie (See post below for recipe)~
 ~I made our Pumpkin pie (I cheated again and used a store bought crust.  Like I mentioned in the post below the crust here are smaller, so there's no room to flute the edges. =)~
 ~Elijah helped cut up the dressing!  He did great! (It was late at night, for you can see Sarah behind him asleep on the couch.)~
 ~As you can see on my chalkboard...our Menu was:
Turkey,  M. Potatoes,  Gravy, Corn,  Green beans,  Rolls,  Dressing,  Ceasar Salad,  Sweet potato casserole,  Apple pie,  Pumpkin pie,  and  Ice cream!  (And Peach juice to drink.)~
 ~Our fun centerpiece.~
 ~I made an arrangement of real fall-ish flowers and wheat and used a green squash for the "vase" .  And with that I used the orange pumpkin that I had decorated earlier, and the butternut squash that Phillip wrote our  initial "D" on. =)~
 ~I brought some pretty fall napkins with me (from Hobby Lobby last November), and bought the gold-ish plates here.~
 ~The table runner and goblets were in this apt. when we arrived and I was so excited!  =)  So, we dipped the tops of the goblets in sugar and served cold peach juice in them.~
 ~Our first Thanksgiving in Colombia (2006) Aunt Libby S. sent us these adorable place cards (We just lacked one for Elijah and Mary since they weren't born back then. =) We tucked them down into a walnut.~
 ~Sweet Kimberly was my right-hand lady in the kitchen (while Sarah helped entertain the other kiddos =).  Kimberly made our Thanksgiving rolls.~
 ~We used our coffee table as our "SIDE BAR" to place all of our yummy food on to serve it. (Excuse the pans...this apt. doesn't have many serving dishes. =)~
 ~A picture of our family saying the Blessing over our Thanksgiving meal! (Noah is hiding behind the big pumpkin.)~
 ~Little Mary was napping.  (So I got a picture of her after she awoke.) One of the things we were so thankful for...was our TURKEY! =) You see, we had been told by a man at a meat store that he couldn't get turkey for us until Christmas time.  =(
But we found the LAST turkey in the freezer at our big grocery store...and we couldn't help but think that God SAVED THAT TURKEY FOR US. YEA!
God is soooo Good!~
 ~A close up of the pretty fall flowers that Jesus helped us to find for our table.~
 ~I had fun using a knife to make little details on the leaves and acorn I placed on my pumpkin pie. =)~
 ~Little Mary (after she woke up from her nap) said that she thinks that she should have eaten MORE Thanksgiving dinner... so that her skirt would stay up! =)~
 ~Mommy and Mary.  After our meal we had a special time of Thanking God for His MANY blessings to us as a family!
I trust that each of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving too!~


Daryl Hausman said...

Your Thanksgiving table was so pretty, and the food looked delicious! Thanks for posting!

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved the Thanksgiving table and food!!! It looked SO pretty!
Love you all,

mmsbryan said...

Our Thanksgiving dinner menu was saved until today as the Hausmans could be with us for this Lord's Day. We enjoyed the special music with a solo from Laura and Natasha accompaining Brittany and Darla on their violins for the offertory. I so enjoyed taking a peak at your lovely meal and table. The acron squash made a lovely vase. Loved your center piece. I laughed out loud when I finally got down to see Mary with her falling skirt. Poor baby girl! Glad you could enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with your family. I was remembering you were with us last year and loving and missing you this one. Moma

lila said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food and table looks wonderful! Love all the pics. love to all

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved your pics of your day... just one question, WHO TOOK YA'll PICS?! I was thinking you had trained Mary too... but you then said she was napping. =) Technology, I guess!
Much love to all of you!
Love ya,

Making Memories 1999 said...

I love the way you make meals and family time so special!! You are an inspiration! I like your creative and beautiful table centerpiece! Blessings!!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You always pull things together so nicely...can't wait to see what Christmas looks like in Argentina!

Roseanne Evans said...

I haven't been on your site for quite awhile and missed alot, I see. Your table is beautiful. Love the way you wrapped the pumpkin in ribbon. Very creative decor, and with what you have. That's what is most impressive. I love all the food you made. So yummy. I just finished making rolls tonight (your recipe) for our Christmas dinner tomorrow.

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