Saturday, November 19, 2011

~Once upon a time...

~There was a little lady who moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She fell in love with the fine little restaurants on every other corner.  They serve hot teas/coffees, hard breads, handmade pastas, meats, salads, ice creams, etc. and in front of each one is one of these...~
~Every.where.I.go. I see one!~
~Last Friday, I decided that I would like to have one for my kitchen.  So, I began to pray for one....
~THAT SAME EVENING...we went to this little ice cream shop (see chalkboard below) and bought some ice cream to take home to eat with my fresh strawberry pie.  I said to the man behind the counter (In Spanish of course =), "All the restaurants have these chalkboards.  Where can I BUY one of them?"  He held up a finger and told me to wait a minute....went to the back...and came out with a chalkboard in his hand and GAVE it to me!! =) (God is Awesome!!)   Now, I was SOOOO HAPPY with my chalkboard...and was THRILLED that Jesus had given me a chalkboard after only praying about it for ONE afternoon!~
~Now my chalkboard didn't have a frame around it.  So, a certain WONDERFUL artist I know drew  a border on my chalkboard.
(It was a rather HOT day in our house.)~
~I thought he did a GREAT job.~  
~My Chalkboard says a few lines from our song that the girls and I wrote about Fall while on deputation 2009.
"Cinnamon and Spice
Make the Season nice
And Thank Jesus Christ!"  ~Heather~
~That is who my pumpkin crescent rolls went to...the man at the ice cream shop.   Our family walked over and gave them to him to thank him for my chalkboard and he was so surprised and happy.
He and his wife really enjoyed them!=)~
~I am happy with my fun chalkboard that Jesus gave me.~
I want to Thank each of you for your concern and your prayers.  I'm doing my best to take care of myself and get better...[and I didn't go outside today.  =)]  I appreciate your continued prayers.


Janie said...

I love all the chalkboards around your city and especially love yours :) It turned out great and what a cute saying written on it!

Daryl Hausman said...

LOVE your chalkboard!!!!

lila said...

The chalkboard is beautiful. Bro. Phillip made it look so cute!! You have it displayed so nice with the jars sitting around it! I'm glad you are doing some better. Bless your heart, I'm happy Jesus answered another prayer for you! love you tons P.S. love your posts.

Daryl Hausman said...

Oh, Heather, I LOVE IT, God is SO good to give us the desires of our hearts, JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!
Love you all so much and am praying for you MUCH!

~Carla~ said...

I LOVE the lil chalkboards, so darling and SO happy you have one now. I love it. How neat it is when God gives us the desires of our heart. Momma always tells me when God answers our requests quickly like that it's just to let us know He is answering the bigger, tougher requests. What a wonderful God we serve! Love you and praying your allergies are better today. Your pic in the other post made my eyes water! Hope today is better for ya. Love, Carla

Peggy B. said...

Was eating a banana today, and saw it was from Columbia. Made me think about you. I follow your blog.

mmsbryan said...

I can see why you like the chalk boards, loved yours,especially the border. I am enjoying the little peaks of culture that you share from your new country. Praying that you are all better very soon. I enjoy reading your comments and thought Carla's one of God answering the smaller requests shows He is also answering the bigger ones. Trusting Him in His time. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family...even though you are so far THANKFUL the Lord is watching over you and BLESSING you EVERYDAY!!! Thankful for such WONDERFUL MISSIONARIES!!!! Praying you will feel better soon! Love you all!!!
-Sis. Jowers

Stephanie said...

So cute! We use one like that for VBS with the 'menu' for each night...I always have to stop by to see how they've decorated versatile!

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